Wayne Burke & The Mizzen Men

Wayne Burke & The Mizzen Men


The Mizzen Men are an uptempo Celtic/Folk Maritime Trio, with a lengthy repertoire of original tunes, and many well known favorites. From rollicking Sea Shanty's, to haunting Folk Songs, along with a wide variety of music from other genres, The Mizzen Men are "The Full Package".......


The Mizzen Men ("cut and paste") Biography

In the past few years, most due to distance restrictions and travelling, the 3 members of The Mizzen Men have been mostly doing their own thing...

Wayne Burke has been very active as a Solo musician, having performed over the past 5 years as a regular on the PEI/NS Northumberland Ferries, during the summer "Music On Deck" program... Wayne has also performed at many other venues around the Maritimes including The Kempt Shore Acoustic Festival, The Old Triangle Pub in Charlottetown, The Main Street Pub in Montague, PEI and Mr. Gabe's Pub, also in Montague... At most Folk Festivals he attends, if he's not performing on stage, he's likely leading the way at any of the countless "Campsite Jams", which Folk Festivals are so well known for... Wayne is also a regular around Prince Edward Island at the many different Ceilidh's, and also plays in his church in Montague...

"I play music simply because I love to play music which I do most every day of my life. Getting to perform at the different venues I visit around Atlantic Canada, allows me to hook up with the many different and talented artists we are so blessed to have here in Atlantic Canada"...

While an occasional performance with The Mizzen Men would never be ruled out, Wayne hopes to continue the Solo route, performing the many Folk/Maritime/Celtic and Original tunes he's become so well known for, and which he enjoys performing so much...

The Mizzen Men are a Celtic/Folk Trio based out The Maritime Provinces... The group, which are all multi-instrumentalists, consists of Wayne Burke on Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Bodhran; Tom Mills on Lead Guitar, Mandola, and background/harmony vocals; and Ray Carrier on Bass Guitar, Harmonica’s, Whistles and background/harmony vocals… Their repertoire consists of many original compositions, rollicking Sea Shanty’s, haunting Folk songs, along with a wide variety of tunes from many genres… The Mizzen Men have been entertaining audiences all around Atlantic Canada since 1999, most recently at such venues as “The Stan Rogers Folk Festival”, “The 2006 East Coast Music Awards”, and the 2006 Canadian Country Music Awards”…

The lads have just completed recording their third and new CD "Folk Songs & Sea Shanty's", at The Sound Expression Studio's in Lake Utopia, NB with Producer Christian Gay... With a busy and exciting summer ahead of them, The Mizzen Men plan to focus their efforts toward concerts and the Festival circuit, as this is where their true passion lies… Getting their audiences involved in their “Maritime Kitchen Party” shows, has made The Mizzen Men a favourite among convention organizers and concert goers all around the Maritimes… So prepare to tap your toes, clap your hands and sing along, as this trio invites you into their kitchen for a good ole’ fashion Maritime Ceilidh…

Wayne Burke

Wayne Burke was born and raised in Sydney, Cape Breton, NS. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 11, and a few years later was performing around Cape Breton Island with three childhood friends, in the band “The Silver Shadows”. While in highschool, Wayne also fronted the rock band “Rage” for a short time, along with present day Mizzen Man Tom Mills. In 1977, after graduating from highschool, Wayne commenced what resulted in being, a 26 ½ year career with The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Never forgetting his deep compassion for music, Wayne continued to perform over the years, including a short professional stint in 1985 in Alberta, with the band, "The Mike & Wayne Show".

In 1988, Wayne found himself on the rocky shores of Newfoundland, and by 1994 was living in the St. John’s area, where he once again jumped back into his music, and began writing his own material. Wayne performed with 2 great Celtic bands in Newfoundland, the all police group “Justice Combined”, and the pub band “Companion Waye”. In 1998, Wayne was transferred and moved to the Saint John, NB area. Shortly thereafter, The Mizzen Men were born.

The Mizzen Men originally consisted of Wayne, his son Chris, along with good friend Paul Burns. The trio released their debut CD, "Kitchen Saturday Night", in May of 2000, receiving extensive recognition and radio airplay for their efforts. Performing all around Atlantic Canada, The Mizzen Men averaged 40 - 50 performances per year, a hectic schedule for a highschool student, and 2 chaps with full time careers. Joining The Mizzen Men on many occasions were good friends, and present day Mizzen Men, Tom Mills and Ray Carrier.

Wayne retired from the RCMP, and moved his family to Murray River, PEI, in November, 2004. His son Chris is now married, a Youth Minister, and lives in Madoc, Ontario, where he continues to perform with two different bands; the celtic group "Heart's Delight, and also with a Christian rock band in his local church. In March, 2005, Wayne, Chris, Ray, along with the


The Rugged Fundy Shores

Written By: Wayne Burke

The Rugged Fundy Shores
(Wayne Burke)

Across from Maine to Yarmouth town, where the waters start to boil
Between New Brunswick’s rugged coast and the Nova Scotia soil
Where tides they rise and fall and weather changes day to day
And ships are at the mercy of the sun and moon and waves

Our fishermen are on the clock, they’re ready when it’s time
The diesel engines churning and it is a steady grind
As oil tankers travel up and down with heavy loads
While sailing ships from foreign ports lie anchored in her coves

Our Bay of Fundy truly is a sight for all to see
The folk they come from near and far to catch a memory
And years from now like years before the wind and waves will roar
So men can sail and tell the tales of The Rugged Fundy Shores

The mud flats of Chignecto ground the keels from bow to stern
And folk can walk the ocean floor when Hopewell’s tides do turn
The mightiest of sailors have to shy from Saint John’s falls
As ghosts of men from days gone by cry out the warning calls

And now that I must sail away I hope you understand
My story may be simple, but there is no other strand
Where tides so high flow from the land like no one’s ever seen
And Rugged Fundy Shores are in our hearts and in our dreams


Across from Maine to Yarmouth town, where the waters start to boil
Between New Brunswick’s rugged coast and the Nova Scotia soil
Where tides they rise and fall and people walk the ocean floors
There’s little can compare my friend to The Rugged Fundy Shores

Repeat Intro - “To The Rugged Fundy Shores” - (Repeat)

Copyright/Wayne Burke, December 12th, 2003
All Rights Reserved

Take Me Back To Scotland

Written By: Traditional

Take Me Back To Scotland (Traditional)

They came down from the west, the Cameron’s and MacLeod’s
And the Fraser’s from Gairloch to the south
And down from the mountains, MacKenzie’s and MacKay’s
And MacDonald’s, Grants and Ross’s from the east

And down from the Glens, like some lost battle call
The Piper’s played we shall return no more
Then they climbed aboard the Hector, from the shores of Loch Bruin
In the year our Lord, 1773

And heave ho the anchor, and set her out to sea
Wondering if they’d ever see their home land again

So won’t you take me back to Scotland, I remember oh so well
Where the thistle and the heather, lie blowing in the wind
And the hills and the valleys, across the mountain glen
Won’t you take me back to the Highlands, won’t you take me home again

She was bound for Nova Scotia, for the new colonies
But for two long months they sailed in the wind
And the Small Pocks took it’s toll, on the young and the old
And on the deck they buried them out to sea

And cold and tired and scared, the Highlander’s carried on
With thoughts of Scotland burning in their brain
And they sailed into Pictou Harbour, and they anchored off at shore
In a strange new land so far, far away

And sword and pipe and fiddle and kilt, and all that they owned
Their Highland blood still lives t’il this day


Ode To The Sea

Written By: Jim Frame & Wayne Burke

“Ode To The Sea”
(Jim Frame & Wayne Burke)

The lady watches and she knows,
she howls and she blows.
And she dares you to come and play,
not knowing what might bring the day.

For 10 years now I’ve worked the sea,
knowing each day that her eye is on me.
And I know not to offend her, for risk of being bound,
to the bottomless deep, where no one is found.

So listen ye sailors, for what I tell you is true.
The lady, the ocean, she watches you too.
Lover her, respect her, and pay her, her due.
For she could easily rise up and come looking for you.

So I pay homage to the lady,
that she might spare my boat another day.
For I’ve a wife and children to feed,
which is why I venture out on the bay.

Let’s have a round for the lady,
for with her you don’t know what’s in store.
Let’s have a round for the lady,
‘cause today we’re safe, and dry on the shore.

Copyright / Wayne Burke, February 14th, 2004 / All Rights Reserved

That Maritime Song

Written By: Tom Mills

That Maritime Song
(Tom Mills, Prime Brook, Cape Breton)

I’ve watched the Margaree sunset, and hiked the Cabot Trail
Swam the waters off Mira Bay, and drank the Maritime ale
I’ve listened to Mabou fiddlers, down at the Red Shoe Pub
Camped and hiked, these wondrous trails, all across this land I love

We have our Kilt Clad dancers, down in St. Anne’s Bay
Our Pipers and our Fiddlers, on stages, every age
I wouldn’t trade one single smile, or tartan of this coast
We clap and stomp, and love our tunes, to this truth, we must toast


So haul up anchor and away we go, to where the fishing’s grand
We likes our rum and has our fun, where the ocean meets the land
We bring together, the finest kind, both young, and old all proud
To call this place we live in home, we celebrate out loud, “HEY”!!!

We all say “How’s She Goin’”, to the people that we meet
We love our Pubs and Firehalls, and festivals on Main Street
So pass the mussels and lobster, and other treasures of the sea
It’s a drink to your health, lift up your glass, a beer or a cup of tea

Chorus Twice

August,2006, Copyright Tom Mills (SOCAN)


Folk Songs & Sea Shanty's

Kitchen Saturday Night

A Tribute To Four Fallen Comrades - RCMP Tribute CD

Set List

Set lists vary, according to each individual show being performed... A pub gig for example would consist of three(3) sets of 15 songs... A one(1) hour concert performance would usually consist of 12 songs, of mostly original material... Attached is an example of a set list prepared, for a large national convention, recently held in Saint John, NB.

2006 National Kin Convention

First Set

1. Same Way Too - The Rankin’s
2. Sea Of No Cares - Great Big Sea
3. Followed Her Around - Jimmy Rankin
4. Mari Mac - Great Big Sea
5. Kitchen Saturday Night - The Mizzen Men
6. The Irish Rover - Traditional
7. Whiskey In The Jar - Traditional
8. Sam Hall - Traditional
9. The Nellie J. Banks - Lenny Gallant
10. The Boot Harbour Blues - The Mizzen Men
11. Leah By The Sea - The Mizzen Men
12. Barrett’s Privateers - Stan Rogers

Second Set

1. Last Shanty - 46 Traditional
2. Drunken Sailor - Traditional
3. The Band’s