The Moby Strip

The Moby Strip


Mainly Alternative Rock/Funk and some experimental/ Jazz too.


From the mine fields of Cambodia, four little male fetuses were shipped over to the promise land, America, in jelly jars. After being sent to four Oneonta families by the Federal Fetus Replacement Agency (FFRA), and becoming legal citizens by birth, the four boys grew up with relatively normal childhoods.
Among the four included the talented, sensitive, yet extremely focused and determined Caesar. With enough facial hair to cover Texas three times over, and a guitar style meaner than a 32 oz. steak, he is a formidable match for any great guitar player. Then there was Etienne (spelled ATN on the streets), the coolest sex magnet to bless anyone's vision. As everyone knows, a good drummer is the most important part of a band. Etienne delivers quite a pleasurable wallop to his skins and everyone's eardrums. The third member in the group would be none other than Funk Tea, the Renaissance man, mastering school, sports, and music at the same time. This versatility carries over into his music, slapping out riffs dynamic enough to make you lose all control of your bowels. To finish it off, there's Gurobert, the balding Indian jackass with a shameless love for rubbing his ass on his family's possessions. In his past life, Gurobert was an accordion player who played on various Persian Gulf tour boats..................................................and now he plays guitar. This three Caucasian, one Asian combo has come to be known as The Moby Strip.


The Moby Strip EP: Qualudes, King of Hearts, Imagine, Windham-tracks with radio airplay

Set List

30 minute set:
1. Doctor Red
2. A Refuge for Undermind
3. Quality Park
4. Compulsive Explosion: Verbatim Ashes
5. Compulsive Explosion: The Silent Game