the Model Citizens

the Model Citizens


American Rock & Roll, the dirty kind you can't wash off.


We play American Styled Rock & Roll.

We got together in March '08, wrote some songs, played some shows, broke some of our shit... that pretty much brings us up to date on us. We steal from T.Rex, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, the New York Dolls, the Exploding Hearts, the Who, early 'Stones, the Misfits, Guided by Voices, Husker Du, Superdrag, and other stuff from the 70's/Early 80's. Garage punkers with a twist of sexy and a bucket of raw.


Some Kind of Metaphor

Written By: R. Chase Mack

Oh, who do I see?
Hangin' from my tree
Well I love me a brother
And it can't be me
So who else could it be?

Oh, who, oh who?
Oh, who-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

Well he's wearin' a suit
And two kinds of noose
Rope, of course
But the other is red
By the look on his face
I'd say he's dead

Well, I wonder what he did
To get black listed
Maybe money? Maybe sex?
Maybe both and all the rest

Now I drop down on my knees
And see-eee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eee

Now back to the story at hand
There's a dead guy on my land
Who knows his name,
Or where he was from?
But we know where
He was going
'Cuz he got there
Yes, he got there
And he got there
Yeah he got there

On a Pale, Black Horse

Written By: R. Chase Mack

You wage, your wars
At home and on the shores
Of the deadly: sick and poor
Like mute, black sheep
We followed every thing
They taught us how to sing

Now our preachers are dead
Our scientists: all dead
Our leaders are dead
They cut off all our heads
Live, on the internets

In the graveyard
They're murdering the poor
With reverb soaked chords
On a pale, black horse
Death pours through our doors
Our daughters: raped by whores

Now our brothers are dead
My mother, she's dead
All of us are dead
Just like Father said
Like Your Father said
Just like Father said
Like Your Father said

Sticks of Eratosthenes

Written By: R. Chase Mack

Floating blimps and pirate ships
Suicide rides and broken hearts
They disappeared, filled with a fear
Over the horizon

A librarian, he couldn't believe
We float on turtle beneath the sea
So he paid a man to walk the sand
Between sticks in the dirt

In life a Beta
In death: Omega
Your 1% is good enough for me

Prayers and dreams
and flying machines
Broken lovers who don't look back
Now disappear without a fear
Over the horizon

In life a Beta
In death: Omega
Your 1% is good enough for me


"Trash" - 2009 LP, 11 songs
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2009 Demo. "No Love Lost" had some local internet radio play.
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Set List

Big Let Down
No Love Lost
Hey, Babe (Ya Ain't Gotta Love Me)
Class War on the Dance Floor
Some Kind of Metaphor
Are you Alive... NOW?!
Sticks of Eratosthenes
All This for You
On a Pale, Black Horse
Last Dance
Lights in the Night
Rubber Men
Tearin' Up the Night Life
Get Right with the Boys
Hot Buttered Shame

Covers: 20th Century Boy (T.Rex), Where Eagles Dare & Attitude (Misfits), Walking the Cow & Honey I Sure Miss You (Daniel Johnston)