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Here at ec/dc, we get a lot of CDs from local and national acts, some begging us to help them spread the word about their music, others with understated notes about their upcoming release.

One of the latter arrived on our desk about a month ago from Wilkes-Barre-based band The Modern Age. A quick Google search brought us to the trio's MySpace page, which told us they were an indie/funk/rock mix, which piqued our interest a bit. How many high bands are out there making music that can be legitimately termed a funk/rock mix? Not many, we imagine, which led us to be a bit skeptical that The Modern Age was actually making true funk/rock music.

The band features Dan Pritchard, 22, on vocals/guitar/keys/vox, Paul Malhotra, 22, on drums/percussion and Nick Durcik, 21, on bass. When we popped the band's EP, How to Start a War, which was released on Aug. 26, we were more than pleasantly surprised.

The title track, which opens the six-song disc, starts right off with an electric guitar beat that quickly lead to some head bouncing - although not too much since we were sitting in the middle of a busy office. With some funky keyboard effects just over three minutes in, the title track finishes with a flourish.

"Natural Remedy" follows with the first horn sounds on the EP, and that's what this song is about early on. The catchy horn beat led to plenty of toe-tapping before more keyboard effects just over midway through caught our attention. Close your eyes while listening to this song and you can easily picture a room full of high school and college kids dancing like mad.

The third song, "Private Air," features a bit of a psychedelic sound following an opening bass beat. We couldn't quite figure out what the song reminded us of, but the vague memories it evoked were fond ones. While we didn't care for the voice effects around the 3:20 mark, it was a clear sign these guys aren't afraid to take a chance.

"Another Virgin Suicide," a song about teen angst, shows a youthful point of view from the band. The early line "I wanna get laid; I wanna have some fun" says it all about this song. A strong back beat and guitar effects make it a fun song regardless of your views on teen sex.

"Sweet Sixteen" brings more lyrics about growing up, but adds a twist musically - an acoustic guitar throughout. The change in styles is one that works. At first we thought of Dashboard Confessional, which isn't far off, but the song slows way down toward the end, a nice twist and proves The Modern Age can span musical styles.

How to Start a War closes with "Expressionless," our favorite song off the disc. The psychedelic feel returns from "Private Air," along with high-pitched horns that compliment Pritchard's voice perfectly. Around the 2:50 mark, the band breaks into a mini-jam of guitars, keys and drums that we loved, except we wished it was longer. But you can't have everything, right?

After one spin through *How to Start a War*, it's clear The Modern Age is on the right track. With a little maturity and musical growth, we can only imagine where this band might be in a few years.

- randy shemanski - Diamond City/ Electric City


How To Start A War EP - Out August 26th 2008

1. How To Start A War
2. Natural Remedy
3. Private Air
4. Another Virgin Suicide
5. Sweet Sixteen
6. Expressionless



A big sound from an unlikely town. Hailing from Wilkes Barre, PA, The Modern Age are three audio mavericks that are young enough to believe their own ambition. As college graduates of audio engineering the band took to their own devices to record their debut EP, How To Start A War. Recorded in their rehearsal space and mixed and mastered by their former teacher, Paul Sinclair, the band has captured a raw vital sound. Propelled by funky grooves, tight rhythms and catchy melodies, the Modern Age is a band that manages to slide its way into your playlist and never far from your mind.

They are self releasing their debut EP on the website at MP3 and FLAC fidelity August 26th. The video for the title track, directed by Bryan Ghingold, is streaming now. Listen to the sound of the new revolutionaries.