The Modern Airline

The Modern Airline

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Spastic New Wave!

Band Press

The Modern Airline New Video – Skope

Any UFO buff or X-Files fan can tell you about the phenomenon of missing time, but only Brooklyn’s The Modern Airline can bring this spooky concept together with spacy riffs and unsettling found footage in their new video, “Periods of Missing Time.”

The video was created by Brooklyn visual artist Donald O’Finn using repurposed and edited found footage, including bits of video from UFO sightings. The mashup of absurd, disquieting images meshes perfectly with The Modern Airline’s angular guitars and Lee Chabowski’s off-kilter vocal delivery. Check out “Periods of Missing Time” now:

The World According to Wawrzyniak – Jersey Beat

Clocking in at a right’n’tight 28 minutes, this remarkably catchy, groovy, and dynamic album from a five piece punk/New Wave band from Brooklyn, New York gets straight to the thrilling heart of the matter with topmost flair and finesse. The robust vocals mix well the snappy synth lines, manic riffin’ guitars, poppin’ basslines, and insanely kickin’ drums. Sheer infectious shoot-for-the-moon joy and vigor are the order of the day here. Both items are rendered with a delightfully cheery vitality that’s impossible to either dislike or resist. Favorite song: The amazingly witty and energetic butt-shaker “Vee Haf Vays (of Making You Rock).” A hugely enjoyable album.

The Modern Airline – The Big Takeover - Issue No. 71 by Chuck Foster

Remember the '90s, when awesome concept bands like Man Or Astroman? and Servotron toured constantly and consistently released excellent records? OK, maybe you don't and I'm getting old, but The Modern Airline have that quality. Yes, they wear flight crew uniforms, but they also have strong songs to elevate them above the novelty factor. Their music is jagged and angular neo-wave - think Devo and Missing Persons, maybe early Berlin - with a heavy power-pop edge. It's a lot of fun while being musically competent, balancing silly and serious - something that does not come easily. Their eponymous title track says it all with syncopation, catchy keyboards, and borderline prog guitar lines. Choose The Modern Airline and have one of the best flights of your life.