The Moderns

The Moderns

 Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS

Samuel Rees and Andre and Levi Franco are
The Moderns.
An original rock and roll band from the Gold Coast Australia.

Sons of Preacher men and all hailing from small towns, the three boys predominantly draw on influences from now to the sixties and seventies- When music was fresh and revolutionary.


Samuel Rees and Andre’ and Levi Franco are The Moderns bringing original rock and roll music from the heart to the world....
Sons of Preacher men with fire in their bellies , the three boys predominantly draw on influences from the sixties and seventies and pull it together and make it their own… Drawing on a time when music was brilliant, -Influences abound with, everything from Yes and Bob Dylan to Chuck Berry, Velvet Underground and Jeff Beck Group can be found in the boys unique rock psychedelic sound.

The Moderns live to write and play music and that’s all there is to it really.. live the boys from small country towns , have shared the stage with Philadelphia Grand Jury, Last Dinosaurs, Tame Impala, I Heart Hiroshima, Yves Klein Blue and The Galvatrons.

The boys have had a big year - playing live every other week and also making their Big Day Out debut on the Gold Coast and releasing their first full album DESCARTES

The Descartes signature single "Troubled Man" was described in a recent review as....

"an anthem for lost boys everywhere that could easily soundtrack a Corona ad."

In the next 6 months the Moderns will continue to pump the live circuit nationally, start pushing into international markets through their music publishing deal with Centrifuge Music and write tunes for a new album slated for release next May.

Music synchronisation licensing :

Music Publishing Company - Centrifuge Music Sydney Australia.

Billabong Australia
Landed Music - Southern Cross (Network 10)

Festivals :

Big Day Out 2011 -
Oneway Festival 2010 -Gold Coast
Indy 300 2009 - Gold Coast Australia

Awards and Competitons

TOP 5 - JD (Jack Daniels) Live Set National competition Australia - Full campaign October 2010
TOP 2 - Rock Category - New Artist To Radio - Commercial Radio Association of Australia - October 2009
MTV Kickstart - Queensland Australia winner - 2008


Cheater - single release - Oct 2010
(Green Media - Australia)
Placement : Radio nationally - Sea Fm /Macquarie Network
Australia - current

Rock N Roll - single release -Oct 2010
(Green Media- Australia)
Placement - Video clip - Landed Music TV - Macquarie Network TEN - Nationally - current

May 2011 release
(Green Media- Australia)
Singles - Stardust Blues, Troubled Man d

Set List

40- 60 minutes
25 Original songs

We need 5 vocal mics (though on the day this may change to only 4)
We need a DI for an acoustic guitar.
We need 4 power outputs, one on stage left for guitar amp and three on stage right for bass amp and pedals,
We need 4 (or 3) mics set out across the font of the stage and one for levi at the the drums.

We have a Vox AC 15 and a fender amp that will need to be mic'd, - Guitar amps will be on opposite side of stage.
We will have an ampeg fridge bass cab that will need to be mic'd.
We will have a ludwig, perspex kit (consisting of two floor toms) that will need to be mic'd.

In general the vocal sends should be quite wet (reverb etc), in some songs, extremely wet; However this will be discussed in detail with each sound guy at each venue.