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"Whistle Stop: The Modlins rock out tonight"


The Modlins' status as one of San Diego's best-kept musical secrets might not last much longer.

After a quiet start with one EP in 2004 and two more EPs a year later, this enchanting four-man band will celebrate the release of "With Friends Like These" (its second full-length album of 2007) with a CD release show tonight at the Whistle Stop in South Park.

The 14-song "Friends" shows what was already a promising young band growing more confident and accomplished almost by the minute. A winning mix of power-pop, Merseybeat (The Beatles are a major influence), jingle-jangle folk-rock and the classic mod style of The Kinks circa 1965, The Modlins' music manages the rare feat of celebrating the past and also rising above it.

While there's no mistaking the affinity for classic pop-rock shared by Modlins bassist Alex Smith, drummer Stoph Rhanor and guitarists Eric Killian and Matt Sheridan, their ebullient music sounds fresh, not slavish or contrived.

This winning musical approach is further enhanced by The Modlins' charming vocal harmonies, which inspire a goofy smile each time I hear them, and lyrics that manage to sound both knowing and full of wide-eyed wonder. Songs such as "With Friends Like These," "We're Not Quite Through," the bittersweet ballad "Oh -- Okay" (sample lyric: Won't you be the one to break my heart?) and the album-opening "Her Political Heart" sound instantly fetching and lose none of their appeal over time.

Word to the wise: Arrive early tonight. The Modlins' opening act, Joanie & the Secretaries, is another local treat worthy of a much broader audience.

Posted by George Varga on December 14, 2007 12:00 PM
- The San Diego Union Tribune

"AMERICA'S FINEST: San Diego Mishmash"


A compilation of San Diego bands that like to play indie-pop.

Album: "Staring at the Sun Volume 6"
Distribution: Blindspot Records

Album art: A very glamorous girl bathed in the golden San Diego sunlight and, judging by her flawless skin, does not spend a lot of time in the bars where these bands play.

San Diegoness of Sound: There are 20 different musicians on this album - from The Anna Troy Band to Action Andy & His Haunted Honky-Tonkers.That many artists should give an insight to the local music scene. But if we were to judge San Diego from this album, it would seem like people here enjoy easy listening music, wine parties and sunsets.

As big as "Staring at the Sun Volume 1?" Sure, why not.

Best songs: "For the Good of the Armor," The Modlins and "Wouldn't You Like To Be A Bear," The Shambles.

Overall: There are definitely some good tracks here, but there's just too many of them. The disc would be greatly improved by an editor, especially when you have lots of bands with the same pop-writing sensibilities.

Warning: There's country music on this. It's actually one of the better songs by The Mark Jackson band. But still. It's country.
Our advice: San Diego music doesn't actually all sound like this. Make sure you know that going in.

Posted by Nina Garin on April 22, 2008 07:52 AM
- The San Diego Union Tribune


The 2008 San Diego Music Awards – presented by Bud Light Music, San Diego CityBeat
and Viejas — were held this evening at Viejas Concerts in the Park. A sell out crowd
enjoyed performances from As I Lay Dying, Louis XIV, Jayo Felony, Steve Poltz and
All proceeds from the San Diego Music Awards are used to purchase Taylor Guitars for
San Diego County Schools. A total of $41,327.00 was raised in 2008, from ticket sales,
sponsorships and donations. To date the San Diego Music Awards in partnership with
Taylor Guitars have donated 1426 guitars to 56 elementary schools in San Diego County.
The complete 2008 San Diego Music Awards winners list is below:
Album of the Year — Slightly Stoopid – Cronchitis
Artist of the Year — As I Lay Dying
Best Acoustic – Veronica May
Best Alternative – Scarlet Symphony
Best Alternative Album – Grand Ole Party – Humanimals
Best Americana or Country – Eve Selis
Best Americana or Country Album – Billy Midnight – Don’t Get Your Hopes Up
Best Blues – Lady Dottie & the Diamonds
Best Blues Album – Nathan James & Ben Hernandez – Hollerin’!
Best Club DJ – Shark Attack
Best Cover or Tribute Band – Cash'd Out
Best Electronic – The Album Leaf
Best Hard Rock – Thieves & Liars
Best Hard Rock Album – Sirhan Sirhan - Blood
Best Hip Hop – MC Flow
Best Hip Hop Album – MC Flow – Incredible
Best Jazz – Holly Hofmann
Best Jazz Album – Karl Denson Trio – Lunar Orbit
Best Local Recording – Sayvinyl - God Forbid
Best New Artist - The Silent Comedy
Best Pop – Get Back Loretta
Best Pop Album – The Modlins - With Friends Like These
Best Rock – Dirty Sweet
Best Rock Album – The Night Marchers - See You In Magic
Best World – Tribal Seeds
Song of the Year — Slightly Stoopid – 2am
Lifetime Achievement Award — Mundell Lowe - The San Diego Music Awards

"The Reader Interviews the Modlins"

Stories Musician Interviews
Friends Like These
By Michael Hemmingson | Published Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008

The Modlins wear suits and skinny ties and play what they call “oldies-influenced indie-pop.” That may lead you to assume that the band plays obscure cover tunes from the early 1960s, but the Modlins play their own music.

The band has released two full-length CDs, Here’s to Being Happy and last year’s With Friends Like These — the latter of which just won Best Pop Album at the 2008 San Diego Music Awards.

Eric Killian plays right-handed guitar, Matt Sheridan left-handed guitar, with Stoph Rhanor on drums and Alex Smith on bass.

“Basically, the Modlins are always looking for roadies,” says Alex, when asked about employment woes in America. “We can’t pay you much, but we can pay you in love — and cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.” He adds, “We’d love it if someone else was paying us to do this whole darn thing for a living. In the meantime, we’ll settle for not breaking up and a few free beers along the way.”


Matt: “The new Ex-Friends and Joanie Mendenhall albums. It’s not that I’m just obsessed with Matt and Joanie — I also can’t get enough of that guy from the Killers.”

Eric: “Swim Party, because their new album Pixie Dust on the Blood Range is the best thing since sliced bagels.”


Alex: “‘Something Is Not Right with Me’ by the Cold War Kids. I just listened to their new album on”


Eric: “Worst gig was on the way to Vegas. Our van started smoking.”

Matt: “Which is really unhealthy.”

Eric: “Right. Overheated and broke down about 20 miles outside of Baker. No water, limited cell service, and we are all automotive idiots. After sitting for a good half hour, we tried the car again, cranked the heater, and limped our way into Vegas — only to find out that three of the four bands had canceled. We played to an audience of two — five if you count the sound guy and bartenders. But they gave us a near-unlimited bar tab, which is why it was the best gig ever. After we got back, we found a new drummer that was a mechanic.”


Stoph: “One month of serving fried chicken at a deli, three weeks replacing soiled factory uniforms and rugs, one day cold-calling a stack of leads from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.”


Matt: “No, guys, I’ll take this one. I don’t drink.”


Eric: “‘Always wear a raincoat.’ Thanks, Mom.”

Matt: “But it never rains in Southern California! Eric, I don’t understand why your mom would tell you to always wear a raincoat. It’s dry here. I prefer umbrellas.”


Alex and Eric: “Fuck it, dude, let’s go bowling.” — The Big Lebowski


Stoph: “We are all virgins.”

Matt: “That’s what all these songs are about.”

Alex: “Although Eric did get to shortstop once.”



1. The Wonder Years. “Because all Modlins songs are basically the thoughts of Kevin Arnold.”

2. America’s Funniest Home Videos. “Because nothing is funnier than a two-minute montage of cats falling off stuff.”

3. Friends. “Because we are.”

- The San Diego Reader

"2008 San Diego Music Awards - Nominees Announced, Modlins Won!!"

Best Cover or Tribute Band
40 Ounces to Freedom
Cash'd Out
The Corvelles
Electric Waste Band
Midnight Ramblers
Stepping Feet
The Baja Bugs Best Jazz
Chris Klich Jazz Quintet
Dave Scott
Gilbert Castellanos
Holly Hoffman
Jaime Valle
Mattson Two
Orquesta Primo
Best Acoustic
Alex Woodard
Astra Kelly
Barbara Nesbitt
Cathryn Beeks Ordeal
John Miller
Michael Tiernan
Nena Anderson
Veronica May Best Blues
Chet Cannon & The Committee
The Fremonts
Johnny Vernazza Band
Lady Dottie and The Diamonds
Michele Lundeen
Robin Henkel
Taryn Donath
West of Memphis
Best World Music
Elijah Emanuel
Split Finger
The Devastators
Tribal Seeds
Vegitation Best Americana or Country
Billy Midnight
Citizen Band
Coyote Problem
Eve Selis
Joel Rafael
Old Man Hands
Smart Brothers
The Grams
Best Hip Hop
Deep Rooted
Miki Vale
MC Flow
South Psycho Side
The Knee Highs
The Upstarts Best Pop
Anna Troy
Anya Marina
Christopher Dale
Get Back Loretta
Gregory Page
Ryan Ferguson
This Holiday Life
Wendy Darling
Best Alternative
Alfred Howard & the K23 Orchestra
Buddy Akai
Mr. Tube & the Flying Objects
Republic of Letters
Scarlet Symphony
Spell Toronto
Swim Party
The Drowning Men Best Rock
Deadline Friday
Dirty Sweet
Reeve Oliver
Roses on Her Grave
The Creepy Creeps
The Muslims
Truckee Brothers
Best Hard Rock
Arm the Angels
Get Your Death On!
Hostile Combover
Long And Short Of It
Sirhan Sirhan
Thieves & Liars Best Club DJ
DJ Artistic
DJ Edgartronic
Gabe Vega
Ikah Love
Mario Orduno
Shark Attack
Best Electronic
Drew Andrews
Fantastic Magic
Gamma Gamma
Lights On
Qu 'est-ce Que C'est
The Album Leaf

Best Pop Album
bill -End of the Hits
Dave Humphries - And So it Goes-
Dynamite Walls - The Blinding Lights Above
Emery Byrd - Mrs. Young Versus the Modern Ones
Joanie Mendenhall - On A String
Matt Curreri & ExFriends - Joy of Life
The Fascination - s/t
The Modlins - With Friends Like These

Best Rock Album
Arm The Angels - Haunt this Town
Circa Now - 100 Watts
My American Heart - Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather
Sleeping People - Growing
The Muslims - Extinction
The Night Marchers - See You In Magic
The Sess - Agendum
Transfer - Sunken Eyes Best Alternative Album
Apes of Wrath - Plastic Fake and Frozen
Delta Spirit - Ode to Sunshine
Grand Ole Party - Humanimals
Hotel St. George - Yippee!
Scribe Amidst the Lions - Sunken Cities
Swim Party - Pixie Dust on the Blood Range
The Burning of Rome - Death Pop
Vision of a Dying World - Skelephone Call from the Eastern Side
Best Hard Rock Album
Benedictum - Seasons of Tragedy
Canobliss - Liberation of Dissonance
Hostile Combover - Escaspe from Wount Island
Invictus - Here's to Curiosit
Magnoliablack - In Falling Matter
Oaks - Bravo!
Sirhan Sirhan - Blood
Underminded 0 Eleven Eleven Best Hip Hop Album
Mannyfesto - FE Means Faith
Matty Hemmz - The Reckoning
M-Double A-L - Table Manners
MC Flow - Incredible
Pac 10 - Franchise Players
Randam Luck - Conspiracy of Silence
The Breax 0 When the Breax Sold Out
Young Mass 0 s/t
Best Blues Album
DA & the Hitmen - Lucky Dog
Earl Thomas - Soulshine
Hugh Gaskins and the G String Daddies - Big Legged Woman
Nathan James & Ben Hernandez - Hollerin'!
Steve White - After the Holidays
Tomcat Courtney - Downsville Blues
Billy Watson - Blowin' Crow Best Jazz Album
Barbra Jamerson - I Wish You Love
Bill Shreeve - Feel This
Bob Bartosik - Double Triple
Karl Denson Trio - Lunar Orbit
Leonard Patton - Love, Life, and Song
On the One - Love Addiction
Patrick Yandall - Laws of Gravity
Peter Sprague - Plays Solo
Best Americana or Country Album
Bartenders Bible - Rimrock Recording Sessions
Billy Midnight - Don't Set Your Hopes Up
Christopher Kearney - Just a Step Away
Joel Rafael - Thirteen Stories High
Podunk Nowhere - Based on a True Story
Sara Petite - Lead the Parade
The Grams - Love Factory
The Wrong Trousers - One & Counting Best Local Recording
Bedford Grove - Welcome to our Side of Town
Cindy Lee Berryhill - Beloved Stranger
Jane Lui - Barkentine
Leyva - Singled Out
One Drop - Mission Blvd.
Sayvinyl - God Forbid
SweetTooth - s/t
Tom Griesgraber - Sketchbook
Album of the Year
As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us
Augustana - Cant Love Cant Hurt
Louis XIV - Slick Dogs & Ponies
Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs
Slightly Stoopid - Cronchitis
Steve Poltz - Traveling
The Night Marchers - See You In Magic
Tristan Prettyman - Hello...X Best New Artist
Calico Horse
Hotel St. George
Revolution 89
Smart Brothers
The Silent Comedy
Wild Weekend
Artist of the Year
Angels & Airwaves
As I Lay Dying
B-Side Players
Grand Ole Party
Greg Laswell
Peter Sprague
Tristan Prettyman Song of the Year
Grand Ole Party - Look Out, Young Son
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
P.O.D. - Addicted
Slightly Stoopid - 2am
Switchfoot - This is Home
The Muslims - Extinction
The Night Marchers - Who's Lady R U
Tristan Prettyman - Hello

- The San Diego Music Awards

"The Skinny: The Modlins"


Local Bands/Performers
The Modlins
The Skinny
Genres: Acoustic, Pop, Rock
Sound Description: Indie pop rock.
RIYL: Reeve Oliver, Get Back Loretta, Rockola, Silver Sunshine, Swim Party
Web site:
Formed: San Diego
The Modlins are an oldies-influenced indie-pop band. Eric Killian (right-handed guitar) and Matt Sheridan (left-handed guitar) met in 2003, releasing The Daniel EP early the next year under the name "the.beat.less." Their temp drummer at the time was Daniel, of the Los Angeles band Spanish Archer. Thanks to a Craigslist ad, they found a permanent drummer in autumn 2004, Stoph Rhanor.

After changing their name from the.beat.less to the Modlins, they released The Andrew EP in spring 2005. It was around that same time that Alex Smith (bass guitar) joined the group, completing the band's rhythm section and adding a third harmony to their oldies-style vocal arrangements. Commencing a series of shows with their first appearance as a foursome in May 2005, the group maintained their busy recording schedule, releasing their third effort, The Michael EP, in October 2005.

The next year, the Modlins made an appearance at mile 15.4 of the Rock and Roll Marathon, and performed a three-hour show at Oceanside's Rusty Spur. Their first full-length album Here's to Being Happy, was celebrated with a CD release party at the Whistle Stop on February 16th, 2007.

Here's to Being Happy was nominated for "Best Pop Album" at the 2007 San Diego Music Awards. The band released a new album in December 2007, With Friends Like These.

Current Status
Playing, touring, and recording.Discography
Name Year Label
The Daniel EP 2004
The Andrew EP 2005
The Michael EP 2005
Here's to Being Happy 2006
With Friends Like These 2007

Band Members
Eric Killian: Guitar, Acoustic, Guitar, Electric
Matt Sheridan: Guitar, Acoustic, Guitar, Electric
Stoph Rhanor: Drums
Alex Smith: Bass guitar
Upcoming shows
The Casbah, Monday, July 28
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Reeve Oliver, Swim Party, the Beatles, Get Back Loretta, Weezer, Badfinger, the Strokes, Rockola, Klaatu, Belle and Sebastian, the Shins, Elliott Smith, Chuck Berry, Oasis, Blur, Tears for Fears, the Kinks, the Motown sound

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- The San Diego Reader

"The Modlins on KUSI News!"


The Modlins are an oldies-inspired, indie-pop band from San Diego.

To view this segment, click on the video icon above.
For more information, visit .

Story Created: Mar 30, 2008 at 10:46 AM PDT

Story Updated: Mar 30, 2008 at 10:46 AM PDT

- KUSI Channel 9

"Who to See: The Modlins are Plan A"


These are the things I'd do
This week's top music picks
By Troy Johnson


PLAN A: The Modlins, The Drowning Men, sayvinyl @ The Casbah. Headliner World Wide Spies could be really, uh, well, not great. But the local openers are worth the price alone. The Modlins are pure 1960s harmony folk. The Drowning Men mix some sea chantey, Irish pirate songs with capable indie-rock. Sayvinyl is the new tender-pop project by former Operatic frontman, Jesse Fritsch. MS/themodlins, MS/drowningmen, MS/sayvinyl. PLAN B: Cowboy Junkies @ Humphrey's. Margo Timmons and crew, while a bit of a snooze live, have really made better songs than their current fade-to-obscurity suggests. PLAN C: Silverbird, Bartender's Bible, Deere Johns @ the Belly Up. Three sturdy urban-hick bands from San Diego. Bartender's Bible, especially, is some inspiring "underside of the spittoon, which has been sitting in a pool of urine" sort of country. MS/silverbirdmusic, MS/bartenders bible, MS/presentingthedeerejohns.

- San Diego City Beat

"Album Review: Modlins Get an A"


CD Reviews
By: Staff and Wire Reports | Wednesday, May 23, 2007 12:07 PM PDT ?‡

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"Here's to Being Happy"
The Modlins
The Racket Rack LOCAL

A "Here's to Being Happy" -- The Modlins, The Racket Rack -- Given the upbeat '60s-influenced sound on their debut album, their matching brown suits on the CD jacket and their MySpace page, it's not a stretch to guess that the name of San Diego's the Modlins refers to the Mod scene of the '60s.

But "Here's to Being Happy" isn't so much retro as it is informed by the best of '60s pop. Bright melodies, warm vocal harmonies, dual guitar leads ---- sure, the Beatles are an influence, but so are Herman's Hermits. As are any of the classic pop bands since then: Ace and Squeeze and Crowded House.

It's classic pop is what it is. Well-constructed little nuggets of melodic purity with near-perfect arrangements: a jangly guitar bridge here, half-sighed two-part vocal harmony on the refrain there.

Mostly great themes, the kind of songs that you find yourself singing along to the second time you hear them. Songs like the unforgettably perfect opening track, "As Good as Gone," or the '80s Brit-pop influenced "I Might Have Been Wrong," or the jangly title track.

It's the sort of debut you listen to about a hundred times before you can finally set it aside, and then immediately begin waiting for their next album.

The Modlins play tonight at the Zombie Lounge in San Diego.

---- Jim Trageser

- The North County Times

"2007 SD Music Award Nomination: Best Pop Album"


GET OUT THE VOTE! SDMA nominations announced
Switchfoot (right), Unwritten Law and Angels & Airwaves head the list of nominees for this year's San Diego Music Awards. The nominees were announced today for the 16-year-old local music awards.

This year's edition will be held Sept. 17 at Viejas Concerts in the Park in Alpine. Nick Reynolds, a founding member of The Kingston trio, will be presented with this year's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Artists announced so far to perform at the all-ages event include Jason Mraz, Reeve Oliver, Buck-O-Nine, Lady Dottie & the Diamonds, Pierce the Veil and The Truckee Brothers. More performers be announced soon.

Tickets are now on sale at Ticktemaster; proceeds go to assist elementary music programs in schools throughout San Diego County. Online balloting is being conducted through midnight Sept. 6 at


Candye Kane, "Guitar'd & Feathered"; Greg Laswell, "Through Toledo"; Frankie J, "Priceless"; Nickel Creek, "Reasons Why: The Very Best"; Pinback, "Nautical Antiques"; Switchfoot, "Oh! Gravity"; The Greyboy All Stars, "What Happened To Television?"; Unwritten Law, "The Hit List"

Burning of Rome, Crash Encore, Drowning Men, Kemistry, MEX, Society!, The Muslims, The Vultures

As I Lay Dying, Augustana, Grand Ole Party, Jason Mraz, Louis XIV, Slightly Stoopid, Steve Poltz, Switchfoot

Angels & Airwaves, "The War"; B-Side Players, "Unplug This Armageddon"; Dirty Sweet, "Born to Bleed"; Greg Laswell, "Sing Theresa Says"; P.O.D., "Lights Out"; Rob Crow "I Hate You, Rob Crow"; Switchfoot, "Oh! Gravity"; Unwritten Law, "Shoulda Known Better"

Dynamite Walls, "Dynamite Walls"; Get Back Loretta, "Over the Wall"; Greg Friedman, "Souls of Passing Feet"; Kite Flying Society, "Kite Flying Society"; The Modlins, "Here's to Being Happy"; The Prayers, "God Save the Prayers"; The Soft Lightes, "Say No to Being Cool, Say Yes to Being Happy"; Tracy Johnson, "Dreams in Cold Weather"

Creepy Creeps, "Same LP"; Delta Spirit, "I Think I've Found It"; Dirty Sweet, "Of Monarchs and Beggars"; Roses on Her Grave, "From Red to Gray"; Stranger's Six, "A Date With Daylight"; The Heartaches, "Too Cool for School"; Truckee Brothers, "In Pursuit of Happiness"; Vinyl Radio, "A Better Time Coming"

Album Leaf, "Into the Blue Again"; Bloody Hollies, "Who to Trust, Who to Kill, Who to Love"; Mr. Tube & the Flying Objects, "Listen Up!"; Parker Theory, "Leaving California"; Pierce the Veil, "A Flair for the Dramatic"; Spell Toronto, "Be More Careful"; The Locust, "New Erections"; The Transit War, "Miss Your Face"

Cattle Decapitation, "Karma Bloody Karma"; Earthless, Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky"; Gin Piston, "Gin Piston"; Scar'd Sanity, "A Way to Hide"; Warface, "Insanity of the Obsessed"; Ricksha, "Diamond Pressure"; This Flood Covers the Earth, "Barnburner"; Waco F***, "Slow Decay"

Defamation League, "League of the Living Dead"; Diego Brown, "Never Enough"; Genius of Soul, "Sleep Now"; Lil Uno, "Spooky Classics"; Miki Vale, "The New Dope"; Mitchy Slick, "Urban Survival Syndrome"; The Knee Highs, "Rise & Show"; The Upstarts, "The Know How"

Anna Troy, "Ain't No Man"; Aunt Kizzyz Boys, "It's Tight Like That"; Carl "Sonny" Leyland, Nathan James & Ben Hernandez, "Carl 'Sonny' Leyland Meets Nathan James & Ben Hernandez"; Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, "Livin' It Up"; Patrick Yandall, "New York Blues"; Robin Henkel, "Awesome Possum"; Sue Palmer "Sophisticated Ladies"; West of Memphis, "Honey Pie"

Chuck Perrin, "Beatitude Live"; Gilbert Castellanos, "Underground"; Holly Hofmann & Mike Wofford, "Live at Athenaeum Jazz, Vol. 2"; Keith Jacobson, "Turn on the Charm"; On the One, "Live at the Knotty Pine"; The Arc Trio, "The Triptych Mirror"; The Cross Border Trio, "New Directions"; Tokeli, "Where Do You Start?"

Action Andy & His Haunted Honky Tonkers, "Haunted Honky Tonk"; Barbara Nesbitt, "A Million Stories"; Berkley Hart with The 7th Day Buskers, "O Berkley, Where Art Thou?"; Cathryn Beeks Ordeal, "Desert Music"; Deadline Friday, "Days Gone"; Diablo Dimes, "Son de Cruel"; Podunk Nowhere, "Podunk Nowhere"; The Coyote Problem, "California"

Fred Benedetti & Peter Pupping, "Good Day Sunshine, Acoustic Guitar Classics"; Gregory Page, "Knife in My Chest"; Lisa Sanders, "Last Night in Roseburg"; Simeon Flick, "Reactive Soul"; Superdoo, "Superdoo"; Sven-Erik Seaholm, "Sotto Voce"; The Donnis Trio, "All Directions"; Victoria Robertson, "Say You Me"

Chris Klich, Eldar, Gilbert Castellanos, Jamie Valle, Jason Robinson, Karl Denson Trio, Nathan Hubbard, Peter Sprague

Astra Kelly, Chad Farran, Joanie Mendenhall, Kyle Phelan, Marie Haddad, Michael Tiernan, Molly Jensen, Steph Johnson

Bill Magee Blues Band, Chet Cannon & the Committee, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, Len Rainy & the Midnight Players, Michelle Lundeen, Fuzzy, The Fremonts, Tomcat Courtney

Agua Dulce, Al Howard & the K23 Orchestra, B-Side Players, Diego Roots, Elijah Emanuel & the Revelations, Kush & Jah Blood Fiyah Angels, Stranger, Vegitation

Action Andy & His Haunted Honky Tonkers, Billy Midnight, Mark Jackson Band, Sara Petite, Southbound Johnny, The Grams, The Hideaways, The Palominos

Addiquit, Blame One, Celio Skilz, Deep Rooted, Lil Al, MC Flow, Miki Vale, Ricashay

A.J. Croce, Anya Marina, Get Back Loretta, Kite Flying Society, Matt Curreri & the Exfriends, Ryan Ferguson, The Power-Chords, This Holiday Life

Fifty on Their Heels, Grand Ole Party, Pistolita, Rafter, Sirhan Sirhan, The Donkeys, The Vision of a Dying World, Years Around the Sun

Arm the Angels, Daredevil Jane, Dirty Sweet, Magnolia Black, My American Heart, Reeve Oliver, The Atoms, Transfer

Cattle Decapitation, Divided by Zero, Earthless, Medialab, Mother Mae I, Mower, Six Reasons, Underminded

Chris Cutts, Dash Eye, DJ Artistic, DJ Demon, DJ Fingaz, Gabe Vega, Mario Orduno, Morgan Young

Cosmologic, Goddamn Electric Bill, Microphone Mike, Neonthief, Red Flag, Qu'est-ce Que C'est, The Album Leaf, Trummerflora Collective

80s All Starz, Blasphemous Guitars, Cash'd Out, Detroit Underground, Pink Froyd, Rockola, Soul Persuaders, The Reaganomics

Posted by George Varga on August 6, 2007 10:15 AM
- The San Diego Union Tribune


The Andrew EP (2004)

The Daniel EP (2005)

The Michael EP (2005)

Here’s to Being Happy (2007)

With Friends Like These (2007)

Where Does it End (2009)

Songs that have had radio airplay (on San Diego's FM 94.9, Sophie 103.7 and/or FM 91X): Her Political Heart, Warm Up, Here's to Being Happy, For the Good of the Armour, Dragging My Feet, For Goodness' Sake, and Monday Morning.

Both full-length albums, "Here’s to Being Happy" and "With Friends Like These" are available on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.



The Modlins are an oldies-inspired indie pop band from San Diego, California . Their four-piece ensemble is made up of Eric Killian on vocals and guitar, Stoph Rhanor on drums, Matt Sheridan on vocals and guitar, and Al Smith on vocals and bass guitar. Their influences include The Beatles, The Kinks, Chuck Berry, Weezer, Blur, The Shins, as well as the sounds of 60s Motown.

The group was founded by Killian and Sheridan, who met at the University of California San Diego in 2003. The two became fast friends, and collaborating on songs came naturally to them. Rhanor joined the band a year after the two friends had been writing songs together for about a year. Smith, who shared a mutual friend with Killian, joined six months later, and the quartet was complete. The four have been recording and playing shows together for four years, and they have produced three EP’s and three LP’s in that time.

With three vocalists in the group, they produce rich harmonies that shape their signature oldies feel. Also, their cheery major chords and catchy dual guitar melodies accord with the theme of most of their songs, the ups and downs of love. All of these attributes are tied up in an appealing package of matching fitted suits and vintage lamps that provide cozy lighting on stage.

The Modlins perform regularly and mainly in San Diego and Los Angeles , but they have also toured as far north as Washington and as far east as Albuquerque . The band has quickly become notable members of the growing San Diego music scene, having played over 100 shows in Southern California . A crowd favorite, the Modlins never play the same show twice because of all the songs they have in their repertoire, not to mention their reliably witty banter between songs.

The group has received several stellar reviews both in print and online, deeming them a stand-out act, energetic, and musically tight to name a few. Their songs have been played on three major San Diego radio stations, and they are very frequently listed in San Diego newspapers.

They were also nominated for a 2007 San Diego Music Award in the best pop album category for their first full-length release, “Here’s to Being Happy.” For their following album, "With Friends Like These," they won the 2008 San Diego Music Award for Best Pop Album, which is a major nod from the music community in San Diego.

The band is scheduled to release their third album, "Where Does it End" on June 5th.