The Moe Syzlack Experience

The Moe Syzlack Experience

 Mullaloo, Western Australia, AUS

A West Australian Jam Band with an eclectic mish mash of alternative/stoner/desert rock with progressive, blues, jazz, heavy and acoustic influences interspersed throughout the catalog.


The Moe Syzlack Experience is currently Tristan on vocals & guitar, Brad on guitar, Josh on drums and Matty on Bass. It started organically as an Acoustic duo in the middle of last decade with Brad and Tristan playing progressive acoustic songs with heavy, blues and folky influences. Various drummers/percusionists played with the group at different stages whether on the kit or with a variety of percussion. The Experience recorded 2 of their heavier songs (As the wheel turns & Dreaming of an Exit) for the Check Up Your Bum charity CD early in 2011 and played the Launch with Mikey on drums and Matty on Bass. Mikey left the band due to uni and work commitments with Josh taking over the vacant role.

The Moe Syzlack Experience is an Alternative Rock Jam band with various influences including but not limited to Kyuss, The Tea Party, Led Zeppelin & Jeff Buckley. The band draws it's sound heavily from early - mid 90's alt rock and 60's & 70's rock, though has blues & jazz influences in many songs and has several solely acoustic songs that draw on folk and blues songs.

The band members have all known each other for several years and have a variety of music tastes that show in the bands songs. The one thing they have in common is a passion for making great music and simply enjoying the groove that they create.


Check Up Your Bum CD - Various Artists (As the Wheel Turns & Dreaming of an Exit) 2011