The MoFo Party Band

The MoFo Party Band

 Fresno, California, USA

“What is the sound of the MoFo Party band? It's the Blues, It's raw and nasty. It's filled with sharp corners. It's the Sound of grit and salt and mechanic's grease.


The MoFo Party Band’s high-energy show will keep blues fans dancing all night long. “These guys are crowd pleasers,and they go the extra mile no matter if it’s a big festival or small club audience!” – Mark Hummel, Promoter of “Harmonica Blowout Tour”.

The MoFo Party Band has come a long way from their Central California beginnings. Thrilling Audiences worldwide in venues of all sizes playing small clubs to large festivals with several tours of Europe and regular regional and national touring. performing such shows as the Belgian R&B festival in Peer Belgium, Luxemburg Jazz &Blues Rally in Luxemburg, Blues Express Festival in Poland, and The San Francisco Blues Festival in California.“People tell us they like us because it always looks like we are having fun,” says lead guitarist Bill Clifton, “that’s because we are and we love what we do.”

The MoFo Party Band is a real blues band playing the Music influenced by their surroundings and life experiences growing up in the Central Valley of California. The band came to life When former Well Drilling Brothers John and Bill Clifton decided to use their mutual love for music to hang up the shovels and leave the hard labor behind. "It is a cold, thankless and dangerous Job" Says John Clifton (Singer and Harmonica Player). Their Blues is true Americana that can only come from living life for real and playing for keeps

The MoFo Party Band has recorded five highly acclaimed which have received national and international airplay. the 2006 Release The Sound of the MoFo Party Band" Reached #2 on the CD Baby "Top West Coast Blues Album" list. and was Rated a 5 star rating by Big City Blues Magazine. “Invigorating, straight forward, honest stuff!” says Ken Smith, Red Lick Records, Wales, UK.

With Their Retro look and exciting sound The Band pays great attention to detail. Their live show is filled with energy and the music is raw and real. the show is a musical Journey through the life's and experiences of real peoples pain and triumphs, heartbreak and happiness it is the Blues with no holds barred and no apology. it is a unique breathtaking show performed by dynamic individuals. It is real and honest Entertainment.


10 Dynamite Hits
Call The Doctor
Voodoo Dolls & Jungle Drums
Black Market"LIVE"
The Sound
Low Down

Set List

The MoFo Party Band can Play
3-45 minute sets or 2 - 75 minute sets. Consisting of Original Material and Blues Covers.