The MoFo Party Band
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The MoFo Party Band

Fresno, California, United States | SELF

Fresno, California, United States | SELF
Band Blues Americana


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Nact Van Der Blues Belgium 2008"

(Translated Dutch to English)
The Californians of The Mofo Party Band. The axis of the group are the Clifton brothers. They average around 150 shows a year and have done this for over 20 years. Their mix of Chicago blues and West Coast blues turns every gig into a party. Same for this show which contained humor and many show elements. But don't be fooled by this, this gang plays their music on a very accomplished level. John Clifton is an inventive harmonica player and Bill Clifton's guitar solo's put their mark on the group sound. - Bobtje's Blues Pages : Exploring Planet Blues

"Kwadendame Blues Bestival Holland 2008"

(Dutch to English Translation)
Indeed, we did only have a little bit of time left, before the main act of the festival was about to finish this 16th edition of the Kwadendame Blues Fest. The Mofo Party band. The word 'party' is pretty well in place, as it turned out to be a big party... A fat groove and 100% fun on stage. Not only the music was great, but also this show was filled with all tricks in the book. A bass player standing on his upright bass, while the guitar player plays the bass, and the singer playing the guitar that is still around the guitarist's neck. Think of a guitar player walking' through the audience, while playing his solo. Without any doubt, someone will have turned this moment into some photographic masterpiece. It looked fantastic, whilst making no compromises to the sound.

In my opinion, the organization made the right choice hiring this band as main act. In any case, I went home with a good feeling, still enjoying it the next morning. - Bobtje's Blues Pages Exploring Planet Blues

"The Sound of the MoFo Part Band CD review"

Don't let the name put you off: THE MOFO PARTY BAND is the real thing and "The Sound of"(Vivid Sound 1229) is a great set of slashing, high energy Blues with a hint of Rockabilly.
John Clifton is one Serious Harp Player and singer, brother Bill lays down smokey rhythms and Telecaster leads that are sometimes savage,sometimes sick!.
Overall their sound is not unlike that of the Blasters: Retro-style tunes played with wild-eyed fervor this CD will leave you exhausted on behalf of the Mofos. Highly recommended - Blues Review Magazine

"MoFo Party Band at Beersel Blues Festival"

Bill and John Clifton and their buddies produced a fine and greasy sound West Coast Blues, Jump, Chicago blues all played in such a perfect way. It was a super gig played by
professionals! The applause of the public proved it. - Keys and Chords Magazine Holland

"Concerty en Tcew Poland"

We expect good American blues, but musicians from MoFo Party Band offer much more

A truly spectacular show like we've never seen before. They have won the hearts of the Public.
- Gazeta Tczewska - Poland

"MoFo at Lizard King Torun Poland 14/07/2009"

(Translated Polish to English)

July 14th The Lizard King Club in Torun had a packed house waiting for the West Coast California Blues Band The MoFo Party Band.
This not being the bands first visit to Poland but my first experience seeing the band.
The first sounds showed the stage experience of the Clifton brothers delicate at times as well as powerful putting the crowd into a trance. Is it possible to want more? Yes it is! The stage show made the atmosphere even hotter. not only are they toppling musicians they are excellent showmen.

The band is tight and they proved to be a unit that works like a well oiled machine and proved it to be true this night in Torun.
From slow poured blues to the boys playing loud and aggressively made the music hot as lava. This made different climates for the listener and kept this show fresh and exciting from start to finish.This was an excellent concert from start to completion.
-Maciek Draheim - Blues.PL

"MOFO PARTY BAND Tradewinds, Cotati"

The MOFO Party Band has one foot in classic Chicago blues and one foot in California blues. They can play hard deep stuff and then swing like crazy. They’ve got a real California blues feel. Adding in the swamp and rockabilly feels they have some scope to their songs.

The Clifton brothers are something special; two gifted musicians psychic with each other. They seem to know what the other is going to do without looking. John Clifton is a great harp player with a full command of his instrument. His vocals, delivered in a sly tenor, have his own original quality. Dressed in a sharp iridescent blue sharkskin suit, he was grinning at the crowd and popping his shoulders.

Bill Clifton is an amazing guitar player, adept at both rhythm and lead playing. Often he’s doing both simultaneously in the finest "West Side" tradition. Always driving the band he really gets everything going and is always exciting. I love his guitar licks.

Halfway through the first set the joint was starting to be jammed. Single women started coming through the door and I knew the guys would too. Actually we could have used more guys there. The dance floor began to have that throbbing jumping up and down look as the dancers began to move as a group.

At one point Bill Clifton went into the crowd playing his guitar for individual dancers. He came upon a woman dancing with her eyes closed in a trance and soloed following her movements. Part way through she opened her eyes and jumped about three feet in the air. Bill then took it up on the bar and played a fine solo that I got to see from about a foot away. Nice.

The second set was packed. The dance floor was shoulder to shoulder. People were going wild. It just never let up.

"Love is my business and I’m your businessman" really had them going. People really got down literally on “You’re a Dog.” What a howl.

I’m not gonna go through all their songs. Man, are they good and man, was this one hot night! A wonderful crowd of people who know the blues and love to dance in front of a band there to bring the blues and to make them dance. Thanks to all the regulars who came out for this event, it made the show. Thanks to the MOFO Party Band for driving all the way from Fresno. You really brought the blues.

...Rolf Olmsted

- Sonoma Tunes.Com


10 Dynamite Hits
Call The Doctor
Voodoo Dolls & Jungle Drums
Black Market"LIVE"
The Sound
Low Down



The MoFo Party Band’s high-energy show will keep blues fans dancing all night long. “These guys are crowd pleasers,and they go the extra mile no matter if it’s a big festival or small club audience!” – Mark Hummel, Promoter of “Harmonica Blowout Tour”.

The MoFo Party Band has come a long way from their Central California beginnings. Thrilling Audiences worldwide in venues of all sizes playing small clubs to large festivals with several tours of Europe and regular regional and national touring. performing such shows as the Belgian R&B festival in Peer Belgium, Luxemburg Jazz &Blues Rally in Luxemburg, Blues Express Festival in Poland, and The San Francisco Blues Festival in California.“People tell us they like us because it always looks like we are having fun,” says lead guitarist Bill Clifton, “that’s because we are and we love what we do.”

The MoFo Party Band is a real blues band playing the Music influenced by their surroundings and life experiences growing up in the Central Valley of California. The band came to life When former Well Drilling Brothers John and Bill Clifton decided to use their mutual love for music to hang up the shovels and leave the hard labor behind. "It is a cold, thankless and dangerous Job" Says John Clifton (Singer and Harmonica Player). Their Blues is true Americana that can only come from living life for real and playing for keeps

The MoFo Party Band has recorded five highly acclaimed which have received national and international airplay. the 2006 Release The Sound of the MoFo Party Band" Reached #2 on the CD Baby "Top West Coast Blues Album" list. and was Rated a 5 star rating by Big City Blues Magazine. “Invigorating, straight forward, honest stuff!” says Ken Smith, Red Lick Records, Wales, UK.

With Their Retro look and exciting sound The Band pays great attention to detail. Their live show is filled with energy and the music is raw and real. the show is a musical Journey through the life's and experiences of real peoples pain and triumphs, heartbreak and happiness it is the Blues with no holds barred and no apology. it is a unique breathtaking show performed by dynamic individuals. It is real and honest Entertainment.