The Mohawk Lodge

The Mohawk Lodge


Short, sharp and blistering punk salvos from the mercurial Ryder Havdale–led band sums up the latest (4th) album, Damaged Goods. RIYL: Constantines, Hold Steady, Neil Young, Ladyhawk, Nick Cave.


The Mohawk Lodge have played 120 shows in the past 12 months in 15 different countries. They've just returned from Australia supporting their 4th release Damaged Goods which was released on Melbourne's First Love Records.

It’s their take on punk, and at 30 minutes even, is their rawest, shortest and wildest recording to date. Previous records included their Smog-tinged Rare Birds-’04, Wildfires-’07 (featuring Dan Boeckner Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs), and Crimes ‘10 (featuring Dan Mangan).

Recording was done live off the floor in a sweltering Toronto heatwave with the same Euro-touring band that helped inspire and create the tunes: Eamon McGrath (Julie Doiron), Peter Dreimanis (July Talk), Danny Miles (July Talk), Clay Jones (Huddle) and Scott Freeman (Poorfolk). Finally, it was back across the country to mix with Jordan Koop (of Emergency Room fame) at his new Noise Floor studio located in an old Ladysmith music hall.

A blurry mix of Springsteen, a teenage Swervedriver, a Repeater-era Fugazi and Neil Young circa Ragged Glory all come together in Damaged Goods, along with the raw, urgent atmosphere of early-nineties lo-fi rock and roll. This is the music of one man’s disjointed route on planet earth, and when focused into music, it becomes one cathartic, epic voyage.

With a record in the can, Havdale packed up and moved to Berlin. He currently resides at the infamous Schokoladen punk venue/artists squat.

“short sharp and blistering punk salvos from the mercurial Ryder Havdale–led band. Mesh the grunge fried sound of Neil Young with Nick Cave at his most feral and tempestuous and you have an indication of the sonic territory this group alights on. Prepare for scorch marks on the soul at every listen” UK’s Daily Mirror


Damaged Goods //
2013 - First Love Records (Australia)
2012 - White Whale Records (Canada)

Crimes //
2010 White Whale Records
- features Dan Mangan, Eamon McGrath, Darryl Neudorf

Wildfires //
2007 White Whale Records
- features Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade), JP Carter, Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, Sadies) & more!

Rare Birds //
2004 White Whale Records