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The Molotov Cocktails

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review Of Maxwells Performance - 9/8/07"

"The Molotov Cocktails - formerly known under the more cumbersome name Adam Streicher & The Molotov Cocktails - have been completely reinvented since I last saw them, with a more cutting edge look and a more exciting sound. Pete Marceau (of Hero Pattern) on guitar and Steve Mariani on bass add sexy, cutting edge appeal (both looking red-hot at this show in matching black tanktops) while Streicher - who's recuperating from an accident and has his arm in a sling) concentrated on vocals. The songs have been beefed up with more rock 'n roll muscle and less of the alt-country twang that Streicher used to have, and judging by the squeals and shouts from the crowd, the changes are paying off."
-Jim Testa
Jersey Beat - Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

""Touring With The Molotov Cocktails""

"The Molotov Cocktails possess the determination and talent to be successful. The sound generated by this power trio is both explosive and dynamic. As the principal songwriter, Streicher interweaves tales of personal loss, romance, depression and confusion with refined rock and blues inspired guitar playing. Yesse propels The Cocktails with a sophisticated, juggernaut approach to drumming, infusing the music with rock swagger. Mariani accentuates Yesse's rhythms with complex bass runs while complimenting Streicher's voice with a range of harmonies. The amount of intricate sound projected from the trio is often times difficult to fathom." - Joseph Hannan, Unbound

"The Music Slut Blog Review"

"The Molotov Cocktails are brilliant, talented, and well polished artists. It's surprising to me that no label has snatched them up yet."
- The Music Slut


Do You Think You Can Save Me (2008)



A molotov cocktail, named after Vyacheslav Molotov, consists of a glass bottle partly filled with flammable liquid, typically alcohol (methanol, ethanol, etc...) or gasoline. A burning match is dropped into the liquid in the bottle, but due to small surface area of combustion as well as a lack of air caused by the small and narrow opening, only a small flame is emitted. When thrown, however, the bottle breaks on impact, and with an abundant oxygen supply, the burning fuel quickly sets fire to the target in an explosive manner.

The Molotov Cocktails consist of a singer/songwriter named Adam, a drummer named Tyler, and a singing bass player named Steve. They are often found together in rock clubs performing rock & roll while wearing girls pants.

The Molotov Cocktails' brand of rock & roll is formulated from an assortment of ingredients which you can purchase at many local convenient stores. If you'd like to book them, encourage them to spend their "college money" on wiser things than the recording of their debut album Do You Think You Can Save Me?, or even share a drink with them at Applebees, drop them a line.