The Monday Club

The Monday Club


The Monday Club are a rock band with pop sensibilities. Formed in 2006 they gave attention to detail in writing songs to entertain a crowd and impress musicians. Winning The King Kong Club they released the Silhouette In The City Lights EP. They are recording the follow up with management interest.


The Monday Club are a 4 piece rock band with a pop sensibility from Dublin. They are made up of Ger Garrigan on Vocals, Michael Fortune on Guitar, Conor Fahy on Bass and Brian Mannion on Drums.

They formed in January 2006. Over the following year The Monday Club progressed rapidly from writing behind closed doors to filling dance floors. They write music to both entertain a crowd and interest the musicians. They started gigging in March 2006 and continued to gig constantly to keep up forward momentum. Their efforts resulted in a headline show in a packed Temple Bar Music Centre which included a special promotional cd of their first recording, “Steal The Show”.

Towards the end of the summer they entered The King Kong Club, a competition running in Pravda. This was to be the crowning achievement of 2006. The early rounds of the competition were based on audience reaction and the guys never failed to take it home. The dazzling showmanship made each night a night that could not be missed. From front man Ger running along bars and dancing on ledges above the crowd to guitarist Michael soloing on the bar and leaping back to the stage they always won the crowd. Right down to the casuals having a drink, the bar staff, the doormen and of course the loyal fan base that had been continually growing since that first gig back in March. Well aware that the show is only part of the package, they clocked up hours and hours in their rehearsal studio, writing and perfecting songs to the highest of standards. They never let anything leave the room until it reached the same caliber as the music they themselves listen to and respect. The fruits of their labour came in December 2006 when they were crowned the winners of The King Kong Club, with judges including the Spiegeltents organizer and Birrs beloved son Mundy. The prize was a recording of an EP, from the studio to the launch including mastering and duplication.

January was spent locked in the rehearsal studio preparing to record. Dinners became sandwiches, the radio became the hum of amps and socializing was the 5 minute coffee break at 9 every night. Every note, beat, lyric and syllable was scrutinized and broken down in order to get the attention of detail necessary to make a successful record.

One year after their first gig The Monday Club launched their debut EP, Silhouette In The City Lights in The Sugar Club. The night was a success with every seat in The Sugar Club filled and a large number of people resorting to standing around the sides. The cd sold extremely well with queues forming of people eager to get their very own copy.

Enjoy The Monday Club responsibly and stay beautiful!


Blind Faith

Written By: The Monday Club

Looking back a cold heart scarred
The never truth of faith departed
On his knees he's humbled and alone
Surrounded by the spoken word
Passion felt misunderstood
Read from this book
There's little love that's shown

So follow me back to your grave
I'll follow you back to blind faith

Now on his knees with things to say
Reflection asked taking guilt away
Though aspirations leave dismay
Attention strays from time to time
To clear his thoughts and change his mind
On heart ache
Though eyes are kind

If together is no better than apart, than apart
I will find you back at the start, at the start.

Silhouette In The City Lights

Written By: The Monday Club

Silhouette In The City Lights

-- Verse 1 –
Silhouette in the city lights
Sober logic takes a final flight
She flags the taxis like she begged her man
Stiletto heels in hand

-- Pre-chorus –
She’s hot and cold
She’s hot and cold

-- Verse 2 –
She wakes hungover, she wakes up alone
She crosses her fingers as she checks her phone
He hasn’t called I think the boys moved on
Slowly, slow along

-- Pre-chorus –

-- Chorus –
She’ll turn it off and turn it on
She’ll turn it off and turn it on

Cause it’s all time waiting in line
I never see she’s wrong
All time waiting in line
Oh Oh Oh
She’ll turn it off and turn it on

-- Verse 3 –
Silhouette in the city lights
Between the lovers and the socialites
She bores the barman with her broken heart
And slowly falls apart

Steal The Show

Written By: The Monday Club

Sweet cakes, come on back to my place.
White lies, reeling out my favourite line
I really want to steal the show.

And everybody says the sky is falling,
And don’t you know, that we’re not calling.
And everybody, run and hide tonight.
I say,
You really steal the show.

Just wait for a while at my gate,
She’s fine stepping out the door in style.
I really want to steal the show.

The love you give, the heart you make,
The love I take, the heart I break,
The pretty smile upon your face,
The one that I laid to waste.


Silhouette In The City Lights EP (March '07)