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The Monicans

Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia | SELF

Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia | SELF
Band Rock




"Piece de resistance"

A big explosion to our ears, different colors in the air with a touch of free will through music. That’s the first impression I got when I listened to The Monicans and got certain addiction to their music.

It’s a whole wrapping atmosphere, a realm that covers accurate echoes of guitar (Paul Beard), perfect harmony and solid bass lines (Heather Lonie) and straight-forward drums (Lee Harvey), a desired balance in every idea and the ideal mirror for masculine / feminine.

It’s funny how tags are arranged in the titles of their recent Epic Entrée EP, as it made me think of a deserted landscape, however, it’s better to let music do the talk. There’s always more than meets the eye.

‘Fool’ is completely straight with its strong and introductory drumming, which is a good wake-up-and-listen calling. The song evolves into an appealing persecution through a constant drums riff, steady voice, strong lyrics and marching bass, giving the guitar perfect grounds for experimentation. The song becomes the words we won’t dare to say or the anger, malaise for which words haven’t been invented yet.

The next track on this land is named ‘Horizon’, a good way to explore intense and merry tunes that play around through the vocal chords of Paul Beard and Heather Lonie. The song builds an experimental structure that goes from standard until the chorus, which becomes a bridge for a sentence juxtaposed to a strong transition that leads to the peak of the song, yet gives you the chance to hold your breath for what’s next. I loved how drums and bass got each one its opportunity to speak, and then merge into one line, with a guitar being the skyline of this horizon. Wicked!

‘Fear Goes’ shunts our way with echoed voices and dreamy sounds, it’s a junction that will let you recover your breath and then becomes an image, maybe of ourselves. This is just a trigger. A cool and breathless feedback (sounds like feedback to me) that turns into a blanket of sound that holds your thoughts and gives complete room to your feelings.

After the visceral peak of this EP, it’s Heather Lonie’s turn to sweetly deliver a merry tune. The structure of this music is confirmed in this track: vigorous drums and bass lines with an interesting sound I’d love to achieve myself, and one experimental guitar that develops over the sound and concrete land of this parallel universe.

The closing tune is called ‘So Unsure’. There’s always interesting twists in their songs that go from sweet, to thoughtful and then thoughtful while headbanging, until you finally lose yourself to the rhythm of this band. Excellent guitar sounds! I humbly say kudos to Mr. Beard.

Let’s just music be what it is, let’s just break our barriers and let ourselves be lead by honest, experimental, straight-forward melodies that will take you to the edge, but certainly will make you come back to normal, if that’s what you really want. This whole description fits into two words: “The Monicans”.

Words: Tonan - Sloucher

"The Monicans/ Whitemoor Rotherham Live at Dickens 25 February 2011"

Next up are one of Sheffield’s greatest bands of recent years and certainly, in my opinion, one of the most original of all. I make no secret of it; I am a great fan of the Monicans and want to tell the world how great they are! A three piece who produce a soundtrack of massive expanse, the sound of multi-layered left-field guitars being created live right there on stage with one guitarist, the tremolo sound of the bass and unrelenting drums holding together the unique structures of Monicans songs. This band are special… they deliver and surpass all expectations. They are a three piece but sound like an acid-drenched rock n’ roll orchestra.
Kicking off with a new tune, the set coasts along more evident Psychedelic tones this time around: the spiky set fave ‘Angeline’ is only played on special request and ‘The Water’ is also omitted. ‘Horizon’ (one of my faves) is present as is ‘My Love’ but it is the middle section of ‘So Unsure’ where the flow arrives at ‘a saucer full of secrets’ territory… prog-psyche with a Post-Punk template is being explored here. Close your eyes and the Haights of Astbury aren’t far away! I am keen to learn where the next batch of songs will take the Monicans. Retaining their individualism and unique and quirky approach to song-writing will surely push the boundaries of Monican Rock even further and the ‘Horizon’ looks extremely promising. An album is needed. The band are ready, the time is right! I can’t wait! - Our Generation: The Punk Trilogy Website


A Beacon - Demo

My Love/Into the Rows - Double A Side

Epic Entree - EP

Upcoming EP TBA



The Monicans are a 3 piece rock band from Perth, WA (Also spending time in Sheffield, UK). Their sound is raw and raucous and loud, but never loses the hook that catches the ear and keeps coming back to the listener long after they’ve heard the tunes. With a soundscape that spans a vast array of musical era’s the songs are undoubtedly their own, whilst still able to bring memories of the early nineties when punk broke, the seventies when music rocked hard, and the sixties when experimentation and psychedelic was the word. With songs like ‘So Unsure’ and ‘Horizon’ already becoming crowd sing-a-long anthems, they continue to gain audience’s attention with intense live shows and strong studio recordings.