The Monitors

The Monitors


Frank Black listening to Crazy Horse on his way to a Fred Eaglesmith concert. Subversive power pop dipped in work-boot country.


Being of varying ages, The Monitors sound has a great blend of youthful enthusiasm and mature taste and talent. The band started as a power trio with Diego, Keith and Tim. Mark Z. assumed bass duties when Keith moved to guitar for added punch and texture. A steady diet of Frank Black, GBV, Neil Young, Modest Mouse, and Ween (ok.. a little Maiden and a nod to Pavement) has imprinted on their sound. Free of phoney angst, and musical indulgence, the Monitors play concise, memorable power-pop executed with sly self-mocking humour.


The Monitors have released one single, "Bully", available on MySpace.

Set List

The Monitors play all original material, in a quality set of up to an hour and a half.