The Monkery

The Monkery


Responding to Fall Out Boy's recent wave of post-punk sounds and Coheed & Cambria's wailing guitars, The Monkery fuses unexpected Sublime/Red Hot Chili Peppers elements with a touch of the Spin Doctors' impulsive vocal stylings.


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Reuniting after hiatus from former band One Blue Link, singer Stu Warshawer, guitarist Phil Enock, drummer Jeremy Da discovered new bassist Adam Davie to complete The Monkery. This resurrection is the product of destiny. Like those who enter a monastery in search of discipline and truth, this band has returned with tenacity and the desire to fill you with unabashed rock madness. And Kung Fu.

After their full length album of 2003 as One Blue Link (distributed by Rock Out Records), the band members traveled individual paths. Trials, tribulations and training sequences transpired, all leading the members to realize their common musical destiny. Many protagonists undertake this kind of monastic retreat and return, (à la Karate Kid, or any Bruce Lee or Van Damme movie) this is "monkery." The band, having traveled this path, pays homage to this concept.

Hailing from both sides of the Atlantic, their checkered pasts and musical backgrounds include everything from lame a cappella to the violin and xylophone. Having at last cashed in their long distance relationship for the up close and personal of one band-one house, the band combines a tight sound with an unhinged energy verging on insanity.

Responding to Fall Out Boy's recent wave of post-punk sounds and Coheed & Cambria's wailing guitars, The Monkery fuses unexpected Sublime/Red Hot Chili Peppers elements with a touch of the Spin Doctors' impulsive vocal stylings. Their unique brand of monk rock pushes today's new punk sounds beyond power chords. With a smirk and a Chuck Norris roundhouse jump-kick, they'll take you on journeys within. At times punk, at times rock, always monk rock.

Self-conscious songs of questionable sanity narrate the eternal quest to imbue our twenties with meaning. Their music tackles the modern tropes dearest to our hearts with a little humor and a lot of rock.

High energy and damn fine musicianship make for riveting live performances and with a new release due this winter, I think you just found your new favorite band. The audible chemistry between these four will make you backflip.


This Business

Written By: The Monkery

And I fucked it up again
I don't know how
I opened my mouth and now
She's walking out.

Is it better this way?
Stay away, I'm crazy
When one plus one equals three, with
You, me and everything...
that fucks it up again.

This time it won't be the same...

Cuz every time I try it's me
Even with a different strategy
I wait for her to leave
Then maybe I'll believe
The things my conscience says to me
Every time she's sleeping next to me
Till I fuck this up again.

Now I stop and see
Life never made sense to me
And every time that I think I'm over it
I guess I'm wrong
Cuz I fucked it up again.

It happened again
received a lesson
With two sides of humble pie
I sighed and cried and stayed at home
And asked god why?
Could ya give a natural sign?
Show me that I can redeem my life?
'course I've only been to church
Maybe twice.


Now I stop
And you can see
Life won't ever make sense to me
And when I'm dressing in my glass house
Just wait outside and
You'll see me stumblin
Cause I fucked it up

Side to side but never
In between I'll keep you
Guessing like a ragged
Little gypsy queen
Read my mind, it's like you're
Reading ancient greek 'cause
I'm twisted inside

Now you stop and see
Please don't take pity on me.
It's all my fault and you think I'm over it.
You will be wrong.
Cuz I'll fuck it up again.


Written By: The Monkery

Are we all crazy?
A continuum of hysteria,
Obsessive or compulsive mania?

You worried lately
What if the words don't come to say?
I saw her throw an eye my way

We can't master ourselves
But take a drug or 2 or 3, they'll
Get you more help
Than brains or will can ever be

Are we all crazy?
You worry too much lately.
We can't master ourselves
But we can all feel hell.

A minute to the left,
Ten seconds to the right,
No I can't settle down:
A thousand thoughts take flight.
Think it's life and death?
So panic every day.
But if you saw the sight
Ten billion twiddlin' thumbs make...

You see the young man?
Can't go out can't leave his home,
Needs Paxil just to say hello.

In her room a young girl
Thinks they're going to contaminate
She cleans her hands but fear won't dissipate

But it's all in ourselves
You bite your nails chew off the skin.
When she gives you hell
It's that she's human within


So she lies in bed and shakes
Recalls every mistake
But I know she knows she won't
Take hold...

Think about the last time you
Had reasoned out the shame and doubt
You knew you should forget that
But it stayed, feelings remain we can't

Control, we can't
Control, we can't ...



Written By: The Monkery

She cups her hands,
And there's no sound.
She shows me the emptiness,
And says it's hers for life and cries.
Not for show, not for me, and I can't know.
Or can I know?

And when she can't stand up,
Her heart's still got the beauty,
And the pain crosses her lines again, but...

Through all the crimes
And all the lies
And what you shoved inside
Didn't you survive?

She never asks for much.
A bright smile to keep your rhythm,
And tears that taste like pain and grace,
Can't switch my place, or fill the space, I try to but I...

I can't stand up
I've never been strong like you
When the pain comes down it crushes me but...

Through all the crimes
And all the lies
And what you shoved inside
Didn't you survive?
And I won't leave your side,
Through these words you will be baptized.
To indifference, goodbye,
And I won't leave your side.

So near to the point of exhaustion,
You're stronger than you know,
But you can't see it could be a couple years
I hope you see my tears.
They've been falling fast these days
I can't simply wish it away.
Not for show, not for me, someday I hope I know.

Through all the...
Grayest saturdays, when turning pages took you away,
To somewhere safe
Beyond the iron gates that blocked our way
You're gonna let it fall, and curse it all
And burn it tonight.


I've tried to fill your hands
And take you away
The pain of yesterdays
I'm still spinning
I've been found wanting...
To memories gone by
And I won't leave your side.


The Monkery EP (2006)

D.I.Y. (2003) - released as One Blue Link, distributed by Rock Out Records

One Blue Link Demo (2002) - released as One Blue Link

Set List

A set normally includes 10-12 originals and one cover.

The Sensei Song
Angry Generation
This Business
Go Quietly
Breaking Up (With Myself)
Life Sentence
Insane Crazy
City Sketch

Can't Help Falling In Love
Johnny B. Goode