The Monkey Face

The Monkey Face


A new sound for a new age.


It's not pretty. It's not sweet. It's not easy. It is 'The Monkey Face'. You won't like them if you want an easy ride. You won't like them if you're after a quick buck. They're not M.O.R. They're not easy listening. They are rough around the edges and they're honest.

The songs have a brooding mood. They have grit and the band has energy. You might embrace it. You might not. But one thing you can do with 'The Monkey Face'' is sink your teeth into it. You can kick it around and it will keep shape. 'The Monkey Face' is robust. The music will get inside you and won't let you go.

The Monkey Face have released their debut album and their EP ‘Paparazzi’ is to be released in the next two months

Adam spent time in the army, whilst at uni, before leaving Sydney, with nothing but a mattress in the back of the car and a guitar, to bunker down in Melbourne and play in a rock 'n' roll band. Steve hails from Ballarat. He's played with The Divinyls’ and brings a powerful energy to The Monkey Face. The guys believe to write great songs you have to write all the time.

The Monkey Face have supported local Australian Band Skunk Hour just before they broke up and played almost every pub in Melbourne.

For The Monkey Face, it's all about the song. If there isn't a song there, there isn't anything.


''Music is all about the songs these days and The Monkey Face have some great songs.'' Neil Wedd, Indie Initiative. 14 June 2006

"The Monkey Face impressed on their last gig. And the duo didn't let the growing crowd down. Great big Marshall stack and drums. The drummer holds it all down and the singer/guitarist lets it all go. They don't play bluesy material like most duos. They rock it along. Not too heavy......The singer has a good clear voice. Confident delivery and good material. The crowd enjoyed the show...." Neil Wedd, Indie Initiative. 20 December 206
“Music is meant to get the blood flowing and not just be a background noise for the iPod generation so put down your playstation console and check out The Monkey Face, this music is just the edge you have been looking for!”
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The Monkey Face (debut album released 2006)
Paparazzi( 4 track maxi to be released June 2007)
Brand New Day (Single - May 2006)
Heavens Hands ( Single - upcoming release July 2007)

Set List

Set times can go from 10mins to 2 hrs depending on the requirements of the event