The Monroe

The Monroe


Energy, impact, originality, familiarity, .....the music from The Monroe is written by all of the members and comes to a tipping point as it streams from modern soul/randb singer Morgan Monroe. The band takes it from a whisper to a scream, retro sounds to jump up ska, deep funk to sultry ballads.


The Monroe is an eclectic band, drawing influences from many genres of music. Combining Tones of Soul, Rock and Roll, Reggae/Ska, Gospel, and Folk. The group is, Morgan Monroe (lead vocals), Renny Currin (Guitar), Taylor Nicole Belmore (Drums), Isapony XD (keys), and Ryan Paterson (Bass). Each member brings with them a different angle to music to create one band, one sound, unique and familiar. ROLL SOUL
Morgan, with gospel roots, brings a rich and soulful vocal power. Intense and direct, as a lyricist and storyteller she commands her audiences with genuine stage presence. Renny, both a driving and melodic guitarist, with beginnings in the blues and r&b, gives raw electric energy to the band. Taylor is an up and coming drummer/vocalist with a fluid and dynamic feel. , She is the heartbeat of the group Isapony has a doctorate in digital dexterity. As pianist, he brings to the band the element of classical sophistication and charm. Ryan, the newest member of the group holds down the bottom with his bass.
The Monroe is from Californias central coast. In only one year they have written a large cache of music and have captured the hearts of their community playing to audiences at venues such as The Granada Hotel, the Sanitatarium, Steinberg Gallery, and Hush Harbor Bakery. The band released their debut EP in December 2012 with six original songs. In this project, they employ a fresh sound, leaving listeners with a lasting impression.

Influences:motown, ska and rocksteady, led zeppelin, amy winehouse, pixies, david bowie, the fugees, queen, lil wayne, etta james, drunk jewel, selena, parliament, beastie boys, many styles cru, the penguins, esther phillips, marvin gaye, jimi hendrix, , beyonce, bob marley, bach…….


The Monroe
-waiting on you to say
-tisket a tasket
-when he walks by
-I won't go back on my word