The Monroes

The Monroes


Soulful garagepop from Holland with a beautiful female front singer. The long-awaited debut-album"Roulette" will be released in October 2009. From then they will start touring in Europe


The Monroes emerged from the Dutch Rock & Roll-capitol Groningen. But they’re not just another garageband, they make good popsongs which give you the same desolate melancholic feeling you get from a David Lynch-movie. They make popmusic inspired by fifties R&B and sixties’ soul, fuelled up with fuzzguitar, garage and surf wich they reproduce with their vintage Fender-gear. Front woman is beautiful singer Josje. With her characteristeric singing she seduces every crowd-member. Listen and get lost in the musical cultmovie called the Monroes...
The Monroes played at various festivals such as Eurosonic, Metropolis, Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen and at VPRO's Club3voor12. They played a lot of clubs in Holland including De Melkweg in Amsterdam and supported some of their own heroes like Dan Auerbach, The Detroit Cobra’s and Claw Boys Claw. Nowadays they are a returning sensation in clubs as The Dirty Water Club in London and La Fleche d'Or in Paris.
The long-awaited debut-album, mixed by garage-guru Olaf Veenstra from Green Hornet will be released in oktober 2009. Until that time The Monroes will continue to play their trashy soulful garagepop all over Europe...


CD Roulette 2009
1. Something Coming 2:55
2. Come & Get it 3:43
3. Not Tonight 2:07
4. I Wanna Know How 3:48
5.  Misery 2:31
6. You got me running 2:51
7.  Sad & Blue 2:31
8. Bad Luck 2:13
9. In the Cold of the Night 3:00
10. The Things you do 2:25

EP 2007
with cover: Send me A postcard (Shocking Blue)

Set List

Setlist contains new songs from the album and a few covers of e.g. Shocking Blue.
repertoire: garage pop, soulfull. 18 songs approx 50 minutes.