The MonsterWomen

The MonsterWomen


Mesmerizing dual vocals glide you through rock'n roll space-age mermaid Lounge music of the Monster Women. Cutting crafted lyrical poetry like french toast, a haunting melody like real maple syrup: outrageous costumes like a pat of butter. Conjuring the B-52's, & 60's Sci-Fi-Folk-Punk-Girl groups.


The Monster Women formed in 2004. Courtney Jackson and Aimee Taylor, who had been in a girl punk group called Automatic Pink for several years already, decided to reform, playing many of Courtney's original songs. Gary Silver joined in on the keyboards and the Monster Women were created. They have had the pleasure of playing with Scout Niblett, the Slits, Old Time Religun, Mika Miko, The Husbands, Deerhoof, Barbara Manning, Two Ton Boa, Romanteek, The Old Haunts, Spider and the Webs, Gravy Train, and Many more. One of Courtney's original songs was covered by Berlin Germany's motion picture actress, Julia Hummer. They were featured in the documentary by Jensen Rufe "Rural Rock'n'Roll". They have also been featured in a film called "Zombies of Eureka", by Jon Olsen. Since then they have written many new songs and look forward to playing in a town near you!!


We have a song on a 10" record of several Chicago bands put out by Highwheel Records in 2006. We were featured in the film Rural Rock and Roll, released by Jensen Rufe in 2006. We have an album called Spacegirl Espionage released in 2004, and are presently recording a brand new album for 2009.

Set List

Our average set is usually bout 45 minutes, playing around 15 songs. We are able to play sets up to 3 hours long without repeating a song.