We're a crack troop of alterno-pop, indie-rock troubadours guaranteed to make heads bop and toes tap. Imagine the upbeat, pop-driven New Pornographers with a hint of modernized Buddy Holly. Our tunes are catchy, our harmonies are rich, and our sound is BIG!


The MOODS take the fundamental pop dynamic, strongly influenced by the British Invasion of the 1960s, and layer in a variety of instruments, bringing their sound to a more symphonic level. Imagine a cross between the upbeat New Pornographers and a pop-driven version of Belle & Sebastian with a hint of a modernized Buddy Holly. Their songs delve into the deep waters of incisive political and social commentary, and resurface to universal themes of love and heartache.

Frontman Jay Africa sets the foundation with his rhythm guitar lines, adding a second guitar (Brian Johnson) in counterpoint, and a rocksteady bass (Eric Carter) and drumline (Mark Adams) which create the backbone of the band. Playful piano and elegant violin lines (Heidi Kushnatsian) add movement and complexity, while the electronic facet of the synth (Erin Africa) creates a modern texture. Five-part vocal harmonies complete the richness that defines The MOODS.

This richness earned The MOODS the award of Outstanding New Band at the 2007 Rock City News Awards. Adding to the accolade that night, singer/songwriter Jay Africa was also awarded Outstanding Songwriter of 2007. They have played illustrious Los Angeles venues such as the Viper Room, the Plush Lounge at the Key Club, the Foundation Room at the House of Blues, Good Hurt Night Club, and Club Fais Do Do. Having released "Have Your Day", their self-produced debut LP (June 2008), The MOODS are looking forward to reaching new audiences with their hand-clapping, finger-snapping, toe-tapping brand of pop!


Something About You

Written By: Jay Africa

She was standing fair
I was just some kid
Didn’t know if I would dare

I did
Could’ve up and fled
Things were just too much
On the block I made my bid

Across the room we reached to touch
Luck never manifested such
Mercy on me until I met you
Push all you want, I’ll never budge

‘Cause I
I want to know
Something about you
Something that no-one else knows

Call me insecure
If you only knew
You’d be crazy not to want her

Times like these are few
Far between, they fly
Fade away in subtle hues

They die away, they pass you by
No explanation telling why
So reach out as they’re flying through
No chance to waste, no time to cry

‘Cause I
I want to know
Something about you
Something that no-one else knows

How will all this end?
How can all this grow?
What is waiting ‘round the next bend

I adore you so
Never had a doubt
It’s you with whom old I’ll grow

However my whole life plays out
I’ll raise my prayer to a shout
I’ve found my part that’s whole and true
My adoration grows devout

‘Cause I
I want to know
Something about you
Something that no-one else knows

(Copyright 2008 Jay Africa)

Misfit Love

Written By: Jay Africa

I suppose you could say
You’ve a knack for embarrassing yourself
In the cutest of ways

You’d be right
Every time you do I can’t help but pay heed to you
And all of the silly, strange, surprisingly poignant things you have to say

What color is your sky today?
How can you make the sunshine stay?
How will make the neighbors go away?
Leave you with the peace you’re praying for

I suppose you’d be right
If you refused to stay one more night
Shut the light, I am here with you
I’m on your side

I guess you’re justified
To do all it takes to keep yourself inside
Worry not, I am here with you

What color shall we make the sky today?
How much sunshine shall we ask to stay?
How shall we keep the outside world at bay?
Take things in stride
I’m on your side

(Copyright 2008 Jay Africa)

A Life Ending

Written By: Jay Africa

Time stands still for no one
You and I are no exception
These seconds, precious dear
Tick away days – months – years

Where are you now?
I guess I’ll have to go without

You think that you’ll spend a lifetime
But then that life ends
Brace for the landing
Find I’m still standing here, my dear
Partly with hope and with fear
That I’ll run into you somewhere

Where are you now?
I guess I made it somehow
Where are you now?
I guess I’ll never know

So let’s leave, let’s lie
Let’s hope to find some way to live
Let’s wait, let’s fight
To find more we can give
Let’s sleep, let’s dream
Make it seem like it’s alright
Let’s toss, let’s turn
Let’s crash… burn tonight

Where are you now?
I hope you’ve let go of your doubt
Where are you now?
I guess I’ll never know

So let’s leave, let’s lie
Let’s hope to find some way to live
Let’s wait, let’s fight
To find more we can give
Let’s make mistakes
Regret all we’ve done
Let’s lose, let’s fall
Pretend that we’ve won

Make me no promises
I’ll never hold you to this

(Copyright 2008 Jay Africa)


Have Your Day (2008 debut LP); listen online at or on

Set List

Our sets consist of 30 to 40 minutes of original material. In addition to our three SonicBids tracks, you can also listen to three more songs in the "Music" section of our website (

We have covered a variety of songs, from alternative fare ("Jonathan David" by Belle & Sebastian, "Ringing of Revolution" by Phil Ochs, "Thousands Are Sailing" by the Pogues) to pop hits ("Thriller" by Michael Jackson, "Live And Let Die" by Paul McCartney) to quirkier fare ("Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses, "The Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett, and even "The Scooby Doo" theme song).