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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Toronto, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock Indie




"The Mooks - Going Steady"

“Going Steady” is the first single from upcoming Toronto trio The Mooks. They confidently give new life to old sounds, inspired by the likes of retro singers such as Roy Orbison.

The band started after singer and guitarist Mookie Morris wrote and recorded a bunch of songs in his home studio and brought bassist Owen Norquay and drummer Luis Figueroa in to help him rework the songs.

Listeners can expect much more from The Mooks in the near future but for now, enjoy a stream of “Going Steady” below and find it available to purchase on Bandcamp. - We All Want Someone to Shout For

"Throwback Thursday"

With the incessant amount of music being produced nowadays, there is a growing desire to go back in time. We love the simple rock sounds that first made us swoon, before Garageband and bedroom production. Luckily there are bands like Toronto’s The Mooks. They play with conviction and nostalgia on their new throwback jam “Going Steady”. Influenced by greats like Roy Orbison and The Velvet Underground, we think their nod to their musical predecessors is just what we need to fall in love with music again. They do not try to do too much or impress listeners with over produced tracks. They simply make relatable music that connects with any age. - Ear To The Ground Music - Matt Simon

"The Mooks - It's Not Easy"

The Mooks are Toronto trio led by Mookie Morris on guitar and vocals, joined by Owen Norquay on bass and Luis Figueroa on drums who have a deceptively simple sound that make us swoon.

With varied influences ranging from Roy Orbison, The Zombies, Velvet Underground, Talking Heads and Modern Lovers, the Canadian trio appear to have figured out the deceptively simple, age-old secret to transcending influences: just write irresistible songs. Their latest single ‘Its Not Easy’, is all that. A tongue in cheek love song, reminiscent of sunnier days, tangled feelings and imbued with a casual, lackadaisical vibe combined with swooning melodies, scrappy rhythm sections and shimmering guitars. This jingle-jangle earworm will be whistling around your head for days – and leaving you all the better for it.

Listen to ‘Its Not Easy’ and the equally delightful debut single ‘Going Stead’ below. -

"The Mooks - Going Steady"

As the title would imply, “Going Steady” is a throwback — specifically, with showings of rockabilly and ’50s rock. The track, recorded with producer/engineer Ewan Kay (Moon King, Austra) at Candle Recording (Tokyo Police Club, Weaves) in Toronto, is the newest single from The Mooks, fronted by the previously featured Mookie Morris. Morris is no stranger to more retro styles, as “When It All Falls Down” showed, though “Going Steady” plays more closely to actual stylistic reverence, sacrificing a sense of tonal variation for suavely hypnotic infectiousness, fit for one of the brisker songs played at a ’50s prom.

The band is set to release their second single “It’s Not Easy” on March 30th. - Obscure Sound - Mike Mineo

"[Listen] The Mooks - Going Steady"

Warm up your weekend with the energetic “Going Steady” from Toronto band “The Mooks”. - Ride The Tempo - Tiana Feng

"50s Rock n Roll/Doo Wop Punk Jams"

Toronto based Mookie Morris is at the heart of The Mooks, a power pop outfit whose aesthetic is steeped in 50's muscular Americana rock. Stripped down and blissfully basic thanks to Mookie on guitar and vox, Owen Norquay on bass and Luis Figueroa on drums, songs like Going Steady are fueled by Mookie's gritty vocal performance and tight jammy musicality. This blend of Americana rock and roll and a sort of doo wop punk works and is not done up in any kind of "tongue in cheek" way but with a sincere homage to sounds of the past. -
Robb Donker - American Pancake

"All About The Song w/ Mookie Morris"

Available here as well: - All About The Song Podcast

"First Date with The Mooks"

What was first album you bonded over as a band?

You Forgot It In The People – Broken Social Scene. When we first met, Owen and Luis had played in bands for 10 years, and Mookie knew next to nothing about their musical backgrounds/tastes. We quickly found out, this was an album that was integral to all of us during our formative years.

What are you most looking forward to at CMW?

We are most looking forward to our showcase. We’ve only played 4 shows together, mainly to friends. We’re excited to expose ourselves to strangers. With rock n’ roll music.
What is the best and worst thing about being a band in Toronto?

The best thing about being a band in Toronto, is the sense of community. There’s constant reminders that there is always someone out there working harder than you that week/month, friend or foe. It can be exciting or debilitating. Oh, and Long and McQuade rentals rule. The worst thing about being a band in Toronto is probably the cost of living. Everything is just more expensive music wise and life wise. But you can figure that out after awhile, and learn some hot tips.

Where are some of your favourite places to get takeout from?

As a band, hands down it’s Chicken pizza through a window from a place called Chito’s at the corner of Bloor and Landsdowne. They put gyro chicken on top of pepperoni pizza, and then drown it with garlic sauce/hot sauce. It’s beautifully disgusting. And cheap. Great service too.

Nintendo or Playstation?

Nintendo. Nothing beats MarioKart for us. - Canadian Music Week Blog

"New Music Discovery"

Canadian outfit channel a retro psych-rock sound on their latest release - Mystic Sons

"Listen: “Never meant to hurt you” by The Mooks"

Canadian indie rock band The Mooks deliver a delightful and electric retro-rock jam with their track “Never meant to hurt you”. The guys have captivated and amazed their local audience and now feel that is the right time to get out there and give the world a taste of their brand of music. I have to agree with this assumption as they really bring the music and vintage vibes that are really pleasing to the senses. The song showcases a finely tuned craft in the instruments and a voice that is truly golden and mesmerizing. The guys really know how to set mature and honest verses in motion and in an instant you are hooked by their soundscape. So enter their world and simply enjoy a great sip of something old school yet contemporary with this must listen gem. - Wolf In a Suit

"The Thursday Best"

The Toronto rock act mix classic psych rock elements with Strokes flavor style and Spoon sensibilities. We know that is seemingly all over the place sonically, but these guys make it work. We have been listening this year, and they seem to get better with every release. In a world where many are trading in their rock credentials for catchy pop induced synth, The Mooks are doubling down on a style that seems to be passé by too many, and it works on every level. Recently they released a collection of singles and we highly suggest you give it a spin and enjoy. - Ear To The Ground Music

"The Mooks: Never Meant to Hurt You/Misery"

Last month we introduced you to a new trio out of Toronto known as The Mooks. Started as the project of Mookie Morris, the band expanded to a trio and they caught our attention with their debut single “Going Steady.”

They’ve since returned with two equally winning tracks that have us quite impressed with how confident and assured that they are at this early stage of their career.

“Never Meant To Hurt You” is another old-school rock throwback fleshed out with some modern flourishes that give rock and roll a new lease on life. Then there’s “Misery,” a track that sounds like if you took the cool NYC rock of The Strokes and dropped them into the 50s. These guys have their formula down pact and it’s a formula that I’m really digging the hell out of.

Find both “Never Meant to Hurt You” and “Misery” available to stream below and both are available to buy from their bandcamp. - We All Want Someone To Shout For

"Flock: Indie Rock"

Mook – a stupid or incompetent person – isn’t the term that comes to mind when listening to the heady indie rock from the Toronto based trio. With straightforward instrumentals and a singer with the range most folks dream about, this band sounds a lot more seasoned than they actually are. The band formed in November of last year, but has a feeling of a modern day Velvet Underground; everything is very straightforward, everyone has a lane to fill, and they’re both storytellers. The Mooks are already on my 4th of July playlist for the beach this year, and I expect them to find a home on playlists all across the country. - B-Side Guys

"The Mooks - Misery/Fools"

Inject some psychedelic rock into your Monday afternoon with a double dose of The Mooks. - Ride The Tempo

"Be “So Kind” as to Listen to the New Single from Toronto Rockers THE MOOKS. You Won’t Regret it! [Song Premiere]"

Sup, musical miscreants!? Y’all down with The Mooks? You know, the Toronto, Canada-based trio of musicians who dish out some good old rock & roll? Well, whether you’re hip on this group or not, you’re about to dig ‘em (more). The guys are gearing up to release their new EP I Hope That You Feel The Same and, today, are debuting the new single “So Kind”. The track sees the band mesh their jangly power pop sound with some spirited melodies and a wide range of influences resulting in an unavoidably catchy jam.

The new song and upcoming release follow June 2018’s Singles EP (all of which can be found on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, and other similar suspects) and can be heard if you check them live on March 2 at Toronto’s legendary Horseshoe Tavern. I Hope That You Feel The Same is due later this year and was recorded at Dreamhouse Studios with Calvin Hartwick.

Speaking of “So Kind”, the band collectively shared this thought: “We want people to take away with a little extra pep in their step. A nostalgic reminder of better days past. The particular mood is happy and celebratory, with a hint of melancholy. The story of the song is being enamoured by someone new, and them leaving too soon. A one-sided love affair.” - Pure Grain Audio


March 1, 2019 So Kind (single) Digital Release 

June 1, 2018 Singles (EP) Digital Release 

June 1, 2018 Fools (single) Digital Release

April 27, 2018 Never Meant to Hurt You (single) Digital Release

April 13, 2018 Misery (single) Digital Release  

March 30, 2018 It's Not Easy (single) Digital Release

March 16, 2018 Going Steady (single) Digital Release



Toronto-based trio The Mooks combine their jangly power pop sound with spirited melodies and enduring structures to recall a myriad of influences, taking nods from bygone-era rhythm and blues to gleaming indie rock. 

Formed in late 2017, the group independently released their debut EP Singles on June 1, 2018. After a heap of performances in 2018 (including spots at CMW & Indie Week), the group has cemented their reputation as one of the most exciting, up and coming acts out of Toronto. 

In 2019, the group re-emerge with the jubilant single So Kind, out now. The single comes off their forthcoming EP I Hope That You Feel The Same, due later this year. The album was recorded with Calvin Hartwick at Dreamhouse Studios in Toronto, and sees the band embark into new territories of sound and concept.  

Join the band on March 2nd at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto to celebrate the release of the single So Kind.

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