Todd May

Todd May

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Todd May belongs with better known of his genre-Patterson Hood, Jason Isbell, Dawes - He's been at it since the 1990s and is currently touring with Lydia Loveless (Bloodshot). His solo debut is due Feb 2013 (Peloton via YepRoc/Redeye). He's been compared to likes of Tweedy, Big Star and Jayhawks


Todd May plays with Lydia Loveless (Bloodshot Records) Mooncussers as well as several other projects.  Todd releases solo records, plays guitar for Lydia Loveless, and writes with Sue Harshe of Fort Shame.  

Todd's roots are from the coal mining towns of Kentucky. He grew up around the City of Columbus (south side of town) and took often to visiting his grandmother back in Kentucky.  

Todd has toured the country since the 1990s in various groups. Todd fronted the band The Lilybandits.  Todd and the Lilybandits toured extensively through the 1990s and into the early 00s.  Their mainstay was the south, where their cross of 80-style punk infused americana soul was appreciated.  It was not uncommon to see Todd (Lilybandits) on a bill with the Drive By Truckers or other at the time emerging stars of the emerging scene.  After two releases and years on the road, The Lilybandits slowed down just when things were picking up.

Todd May has always preferred performing with a band and exchanging musical ideas over the role of band leader, and starting in 2007 Todd began to mesh once again with players.  Todd formed the group Ft. Shame with long time friend and  and former Lilybandits member Jamey Ball (bass gtr) and seasoned player/songwriter Sue Harshe (Sue is a member of Scrawl, and indy rock band formed in the late 1980s).  Ft. Shame permits Todd to expand on his guitar playing prowless (Think James Honey Man Scott and Ron Wood) as well as provide a channel for his songwriting.  Ft. Shame released an EP in 2010 and will release a Full length Double Wide in Peloton Records (RedEye distribution) on November 27, 2012.
Todd really stretched out as a songwriter fronting the Mooncussers.  Formed almost by accident, Todd recruited Jamey Ball to play guitar and joined forced with other respected players to put forth to the world a three guitar attack of southern style soul.  The Mooncussers have released 2 EPs since 2010 and have received praise for the excellent songwriting and vocals of Todd May.  See below for review quotes.

Todd also hones his unique style for the guitar with Bloodshot Records Recording Aritst Lydia Loveless.  Todd began collaboarting with Lydia in late 2009.  By march of 2010, Lydia was invited to perform at SXSW and she took Todd with her.  Soon after Lydia signed with Bloodshot and recorded her Bloodshot debut record, Indestructible Machine.  Todd's sparse, melodic guitar style is all overIndestructible and compliments Lydia's  songs very well.
Since 2009 Todd has slowly picked up his touring schedule. He travels with Lydia Loveless,  and tours as a solo acoustic artist in addition to his duties with Ft. Shame and Mooncussers.

Over the last year Todd has been in the studio recording a full length record.  What originally started off as a Mooncussers full length organically morphed into something all its own.  This is truly a solo record that highlights the strengths of this great songwriter.  The record Rickenbacker Girls emphasizes Todd's soulful, robust and gritty vocals and melodies.  It meshes all that has come before:  The early alt-country vibe of the Lilybandits, The tinge of indie/punk from his early days and ft. Shame, and the rock and soothing rhythm from the Mooncussers experiment.  All this from a mature songwriter who has spent his life pouring out songs and "filling up the well"  (as Todd puts it) with more stories, influences, and life's hard lessons to craft into more songs.


The Mooncussers - Demo (2010)
1. Woodpile:
2. Chickasaw Road*:
3. Egee:
4. Lowlight:
5. Hard To Love You:
6. Carolina II*:

Mooncussers Aperitif (2011)

1. Lullaby
2. Worcester Boy
3. Jessimine and I
4. Foolish
5. Tanglefoot

Todd May in Calamities: EP (2009)

Todd May in Lilybandits: 33 1/3 (2000)

Todd May in Lilybandits: Shifty's Tavern (1998)

Full length of Todd May "Rickenbacker Girls" Release date February 19, 2013 Peloton Records (Yep Roc/Red Eye)

Set List

Chickasaw Road
Jessimine and I
Worcester Boy
Carolina II
Hard To Love You
Shame About Your Sister
Run That Dog