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I listened to this CD this morning, front to back, with a friend who has more than 2000 CDs in his collection. Moondogs--WOW!! I have heard several of these tracks on SongPlanet Radio at, but a few were new to me. All I can say is that Susan has an absolutely amazing voice, perfectly suited to all of her tunes. Her smoking hot vocals bring Alannah Myles to mind, but I like Susan better! My friend said that this is the best new CD that he has heard in years! The writing is credited to The Moondogs, so we know this is a team effort. Great tunes, great music, great writing. What more could you ask for? Buy this CD!
- Ann Nightingale -

"The Moondogs - Long Road To Your Heart"

With the release of their album, Rubber Soul, The Beatles did something extraordinary: They created the perfect mix of old and new. They released a set of songs that perpetuated their unique sound while at the same time pioneering new musical frontiers. The Moondogs, guided by the voice of Lakewood Heights resident Susie Devlin, are seeking the same equilibrium. Having adopted an early Beatles moniker, The Moondogs pay appropriate homage to their predecessors on their new album “Long Road To Your Heart.” This album is a rock ’n roll retrospective. It finds its roots in the music that debuted in sock hops across the country and had teeny-boppers jumping for joy. No need to break out the poodle skirts though. The Moondogs have added modern, electric twists that bring the album up to date and have caught the attention of the NARAS (Grammy Awards). That’s right. It seems The Moondogs have serenaded their way through the first round of the nomination process in four separate categories! The Moondogs, including Gary and Lisa Castleberry, Paul Caceres and Bryan Sawyer, have found that delicate balance of old and new, even if they had to take the long road in doing it. —BEN MAGILL - The Advocate - Dallas

"Hopeful Grammy Nomination for Flower Mound Band"

Never in their wildest dreams did Flower Mound residents and grandparents Gary and Lisa Castleberry think they would be in the running for a Grammy nomination for their rock music, but that is exactly what has happened for the local couple. Not your typical rock band, their group, The Moondogs, put out their first CD last month after about six years together. A voting member of the group involved with the Grammys heard the music, loved it, and has now submitted that CD, entitled Long Road To Your Heart, to be considered for a Grammy nomination.

“We will find out next month whether we will get the nomination,” says the 56 year old Gary Castleberry, who plays drums and rhythm guitar and also sings lead and back up vocals for the group, named after John Lennon's first band, ‘Johnny and The Moon Dogs.” His wife Lisa, to whom he has been married 27 years, plays bass guitar for the group and also provides some back up vocals. Other members of the band include Lead Vocalist Susan Devlin, Paul Caceres on lead and rhythm guitar and backup vocals, and Bryan Sawyer on rhythm guitar and backup vocals.

Casteleberry says he has been playing drums ever since the Beatles came out and that fab four from England has been quite a life long inspiration for him. Bands that he has been with through the years have played many Beatles cover songs, and he has quite a collection of Beatle memorabilia. The word “Imagine,”referring to John Lennon's song, appears framed in the Castleberry's home several times, and that theme seems to spill over into their real life, where they now excitedly await the news of a possible Grammy nomination. The 14 original songs on their CD includes a mix of music that ranges from a country sound to a rock and roll sound to a bluesy mix.

Castleberry sings lead vocals on several of the songs, where his voice can sound similar to Jim Morrison one moment and closer to the Beatles the next. One of the songs, “Anthem,” is a tribute to George Harrison. “Harrison's last words before his death were ‘Love Your Fellow Man,’” says Castleberry, and that is what this song is about- how the world was for George Harrison and how he wanted nothing more than for all of us to get along.

One thing The Moondogs pride themselves on, according to Lisa Castleberry, is that their songs appeal to a wide age group and have very clean lyrics so the whole family can listen. They have played gigs ranging from proms to weddings and Lisa says she very much enjoys the family scene over playing in a bar, although they have done both. One memorable gig was at the infamous Balinese Room in Galveston.
Their CD was recorded in a studio in Irving, with Phil York serving as the engineer. York is a three time Grammy Winner, and as Castleberry says, ‘An engineer can make you or break you in the studio.” The Castleberrys agree that in light of their possible Grammy nomination, York has helped to make them. “We are just doing our best to put out good music for people to enjoy,” says Castleberry, adding, “We want to make the world a better place with our music, and we've tried to make every song better than the last.”

The Moondogs are making inroads in various ways, including on the internet radio station Song Planet, where they have been #1 on the songs requested and played. This is quite a feat for a band that is independent with no major record label backing. It cost them about $5000 to make the CD, according to the Castleberrys, who recruited a neighbor to take the photos for the cover. “At least when you are independent,” laughs Castleberry, “you don't have anybody telling you how to play your stuff.” The CD is available at four area record stores including, Forever Young in Arlington, two locations of CD World in Dallas, and Bill's Records and Tapes in downtown Dallas. In the very near future, they say, their songs will be downloadable from all the major digital sites like i-Tunes. The Moondogs have already started work on their next CD. “We are anxious to work on this next one,” says Lisa. For more information on The Moondogs, go to

- The NewsConnection


Long Road To Your Heart - Release Date, September 13, 2007



Songwriter/musician Gary Castleberry set out to form a union of musicians to spin his original works into an eclectic mix of rock, blues and pop music that fans of all ages could enjoy. The result is a synthesis of captivating vocals, guitar sorcery, and an infectious groove that all are sure to enjoy.