The Moonlight Orchestra

The Moonlight Orchestra


It is a pop explosion reminiscent in "Beatle-esque" lyrical sentimentality and a musical sensibility of the 90's recessing in dreamlike sultriness that is laced in bluesy and psychedelic guitars, climactic and loud romping rhythms, paired with rich melodic piano and a folky feelin' strings


The Moonlight Orchestra orbits around a multifaceted array of musical influences that spring from a blues inferno within a psychedelic cascade and on to the chaotic senses of experimentalism and a bit of frenzy. Their music doesn't fit a mold or heed itself to any convention but of their own that reflects a homage to their colorful musical backgrounds.

Emotional, explosive and with music making all over the place, their sound will have you revel in doses of surprise that will take you through a journey of well thought out composition and a sense of simplicity backed by strong song writing.


The Moonlight Orchestra V.2

6 track self titled EP

Set List

A typical set would be for an hour, including set up/break down. We have plenty of songs in our repertoire to keep it fresh for each gig.