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The Moptops

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The MOPTOPS are the best Beatles Tribute in the world!



The original members of THE MOPTOPS were cast as look-a-likes of The Beatles in 1992 by Paramount Television for the highly rated "I, Elvis" mini-series. On the set, they discovered that they all also played as musicians and quickly formed the band.

Since then, THE MOPTOPS have become one of the world's hottest entertainment tribute acts, and with their uncanny resemblance to The Beatles, their tribute is like no other. Rather than emulating the Broadway "Beatlemania", format that most Beatles tribute acts do, The MOPTOPS try to recreate what it might been like to see the Beatles in concert. All members have studied hours upon hours of concert footage of the Beatles to make their recreation as authentic as possible. As Bill Westbrook (Entertainment Director of the Edgewater Hotel & Casino) stated, "The MOPTOPS do what no other Beatles tribute act can. The combination of their look, sound, and personalities enable them to create the feeling that you are actually in the presence of The Beatles." With authentic Liverpool accents, 60s clothing, haircuts, and exact replicas of The Beatles’ musical instruments and equipment. THE MOPTOPS recreate the energy, excitement, and spontaneity of The Fab Four that would win over any or die hard Beatles fan.

Although based in Southern California, THE MOPTOPS’ accomplishments are recognized on an international level. In November of 1995, The MOPTOPS were selected over a host of other tribute bands by Capitol Records to promote the new blockbuster Beatles’ album, "Anthology I". They are constantly requested to commemorate other historic events, such as the thirty-fifth anniversary of Dodger Stadium, and they have just returned from a tour of Japan commemorating The Beatles’ legendary tour, thirty years ago. Their popularity is also rapidly growing in The Beatles’ community. Their long list of fans include Cynthia Lennon, Angie & Ruth McCartney, and Alan White (former drummer of John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band).

In addition to their "I, Elvis" television debut, The MopTops have been featured on national and local magazine shows, numerous music videos, and independent feature films. Joe Stefanelli (John Lennon) was cast after a national search to portray Lennon in the Tom Hanks movie "Forest Gump."

Special events, casinos, fairs, festivals, promotions, corporate functions, and private parties make up most of THE MOPTOPS’ calendar, because they are more than just a tribute....THEY’RE AN EVENT! And one, you won’t want to miss!!



A Hard Day's Night
Can't Buy Me Love
From Me To You
And I Love Her
Eight Days A Week
We Can Work It Out
Nowhere Man
Rock And Roll Music (Live at Candlestick Park)
I Feel Fine (Live at Candlestick Park)
Money (Live at Candlestick Park)

Set List

All of The Beatles hits, the way you remember them