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The best kept secret in music


"The Morenas: Coming Home"

The Morenas: Coming Home
Out: 06/12/2004
Label: Bleach Records
Have you ever wondered what Razorlight would sound like with Geddy Lee on vocals?
"Perish the thought..." I hear you whisper as heads shake aggressively and the initial whispers turn to a pointed snarl of "no, No, NOOOOOOOO".
Well I've news for you. It works, it really does - Geddy Lee fronting Razorlight, daydream believers - and here's The Morenas to prove it.
Not that anything about this single sounds like it was intentionally copied from anywhere. Instead 'Coming Home' sounds like an amalgam of everything that's good about good ol' indie rock 'n' roll 2004 with the added bonus of a sound-alike of the legendary Rush frontman on lead vocals, and at this time of year who could possibly ask for more?
Rating: 9
Words: Dom Gourlay
- Drowned in Sound

"The Morenas - 'Dance For Your Dictator E.P.'"

The Morenas - 'Dance For Your Dictator E.P.' Bleach Records

Blazing full of energy and the sound of a band going places, 'Dance For Your Dictator E.P.' is a bunch of tightly packed melodies with plenty of confidence. With Paolo on vocal and guitar duties, the band are underpinned by his enthusiastic singing and New Wave inspired guitar lines. Tim Jackson (Bass) and Steve Wilson (Drums) give suitable rhythm backing, with the bass heard loudly in the mix, 'My Violent Femme' especially driven by its rumbling bass line. Many commentators have compared The Morenas to The Killers, and it's easy to understand why the connection is made, both are noisy and edgy with emphasis on catchy hooks rather than playing chords for noise sake. The distorted guitars really rip through the speakers, the songs are so reliant on pop melodies it doesn't sound harsh or at all clunky. Some bands sound tired and force out their songs, here The Morenas come across as blasting out the songs effortlessly; the spirit is in place and attitude not too calculated. The best song is opener 'I Just Wanna Be Someone' mainly down to the really catchy chorus, as if the band were connected to the electrical mains. Sums up the band's purpose - to deliver some toe-tapping tunes infused with incessant guitars and indie ethics.
- Alternative Rock Review

"The Morenas It Shouldn't Mata"

Article written by Graham S
Mar 12, 2005.
With a recent showcase on Channel 4’s ‘4Music’ under their belts, The Morenas are clearly on the up, and It Shouldn’t Mata is a pretty good indication of why. And no, it’s not gangsta rap, the title takes its inspiration from the tragic story of femme fatale, belly dancer and spy, Mata Hari. An infectious morsel of Latin-flavoured pop plus strings and UB40’s Laurence Parry chipping in trumpet flourishes, this is Dexys meet Razorlight, Paolo’s voice a potent blend of Kevin Rowland and Matt Bellamy. Coupling Say Something Else is a more conventional indie-rock offering; the offspring of a secret liaison between Borrell’s mob and The Killers (oh, imagine the arrogance, oily charm and bad teeth), it’s as feisty as a threesome with Avril Lavigne and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. - soundsxp


Finally the crowd fills up for THE MORENAS to head onstage. Now there's been a few mixed reviews on this site for the band, so I was uncertain how they'd be tonight. Since seeing them 2 months previous they've built up a small following of fans and are all the better for it. A smaller venue that's packed is always better than a large empty one. The band's sound is certainly bigger than this small bar in Holborn, and on this showing surely larger pastures await them.
Soundwise they are akin to The Darkness minus Justin Hawkins' stupid face and voice, plus an extra injection of AC/DC, poured into a mould of Jet. All the stage antics are there, including a bass guitar like a christmas tree.Lead singer Paolo seemed to be trying almost too hard some times, but there's no doubting the amount of energy and commitment he puts into his performance. The bassist hammered out some dextrous lines whilst simultanously jumping all over the tiny stage. Special credit to the drummer who managed very adroitly to keep these livewires together and sparking continually.

Overall, a good night. Three bands who showed great promise and gave the crowd exactly what they came looking for. Sorted.
- Whisperin and hollarin


Generation Angst - Album - Bleach Records 2003.
Heart and Soul - CD single - Bleach Records 2004.
Coming Home - CD single - Bleach Records 2004.
It shouldn't mata, featuring UB40's Laurence Parry - CD single - Bleach records 2005.
Dance for your dictator - EP - Bleach records March 23rd 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed out of a mutual passion for music, Paolo, Steve and Tim are The Morenas - an eclectic, groove-orientated collective from the Essex coast, in the UK. The music is inspired by Paolo's travels through Europe and beyond, producing a high octane, adrenalin fuelled mix of melody, rhythm and rock, soulfully tainted by the melancholy.

Their first meeting came two years ago from Paolo's search to find like-minded musicians to complete his dream. Firstly, with Steve while both working at a Francis Dunnery concert and then Tim at a local studio where the three of them rehearsed unaware of the imminent connection.

The band's first break was winning a competition on Xfm to represent Lauren Laverne in the Cannonball 8000 from London to Monte Carlo, in their 1970s New York police car and to headline the after-party in Monaco. Their antics were shown on ITV1 and along with sharing festival stages with the likes of The Beta Band and The Levellers they started to attract attention. Their first single 'Coming Home' received great reviews and national radio spot plays off the back of this attention.

Last year saw the band elevate with a Channel 4: 4Play feature which also got a screening in Japan. Their second single inspired by the spy Mata Hari, 'It Shouldn't Mata' received great interest picking up favourable press in Music Week and even OK! Magazine along with even more radio interest and secured full endorsement deals from Fender, Warwick and Orange County. The Autumn saw a UK tour supporting InMe and frontman Paolo landing a cameo role playing John Lennon in a Channel 4 drama about the life of Princess Margaret.

The start of 2006 sees the band release their first EP, 'Dance For Your Dictator' with further tour dates with InMe and a live performance screening on Redemption TV planned. Their hugely anticipated debut album is scheduled for release in July 2006.

Never a band intent on standing still, they write music that makes you get up and move. Not just because of the intrinsic rhythm or the addictive bass lines. Not even for the stage presence or soaring voice of front man Paolo. Simply, The Morenas are a great British band producing music that they, like many others, want to hear.