The More You Know

The More You Know


Clearly, this Denton/Taiwan/ California/Fort Worth band wants to compel people to dance. Secretly, they're trying to show all the down in the dumps folks how to flip the lights on. Cello/Violin/ Moog/Bass/ Drums/Handclaps. White kids, Asians, Latinos. Male & female. A model UN of hope & charm.


The More You Know began when Sloan and his wife attended family night for a close friend in an outpatient mental health recovery program. It was beautiful hearing those people turn the lights on for the first time in their lives, learning to love themselves, and forgive themselves.

Po-Chu is from Taiwan. Robyn is from California. Rich is from Denton. Sloan is from Minnesota. Mandy is from Fort Worth. Some are classically trained, rip your face off, working musicians with perfect pitch. And some are not. The project is influenced by Marvin Gaye, Pavement, Dee-Lite, and The Pixies.


2012 EP- The More You Know