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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""The Morning After has a style all..."

"The Morning After has a style all its own and isn't afraid to break the songwriting taboo --- dynamic, sensible and willing to change gears without switching cars! Whether it's a heavy rocker or campy pop fair, after you listen, three days later you will still be singing the chorus." - Groove Magazine

"Riffs and screaming vocals..."

"The Morning After drives heavy riffs and screaming vocals into your face at full speed." - Bink Clothing Union

"Welcome to the Soundtrack!"

"CABRAS" Motion Picture Soundtrack

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"The Morning After"
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The Morning After - "Faces For Radio"
The Morning After - "EP"



The Morning After is an interesting mix of sound, emotion and attitude – a combination that has earned them a very eclectic audience. First and foremost a Rock Band, The Morning After has been known to flirt with all manner of musical styles, all the while staying true to their sound and signature hooks. However, the band is most concerned with putting on a high energy rock show and bringing people back to the excitement of live music.

During a show, the band loves to see the crowd go from moshing to hugging and slow dancing. That’s how they know they’ve turned the casual listener into a fan. That’s how they know they’ve connected. The band never knows what's going to come out when they start to write. They just go with the flow and trust that whatever picture they paint, it will still sound like The Morning After.

Music is sonic emotion, and The Morning After doesn’t just want you to hear a live show. They want you to experience the show. TMA also believes music fans are intelligent enough to appreciate what they are doing with they’re diverse range of songwriting. As much as the band focuses on the live show they also focus on the music itself. The Morning After has a very simple approach to songwriting: Make the people want to sing!