The Morning Call

The Morning Call

 Champaign, Illinois, USA

Alternative pop rock drawing from influences such as The Goo Goo Dolls and The Beach Boys. This 5-piece friendly-rock band out of the Chicago suburbs captures a modern rock feel while integrating a more classic and peppy sound from the good ol' days.


In June 2004, Aaron Hart and Cory Anderson (The Pitch) recorded a 4-song demo in a dusty basement: the humble beginnings of The Morning Call. After picking up Reggie Weece on electric guitar and Joe Ringle on bass, they played their first show in October under their new name. Later that year, they picked up guitarist Vince Pierri (fromLove, Handcrafted).

In the fall of 2005, The Morning Call was selected to appear on the Green Street Records compilation CD, Crescendo, released April 13th, 2006. After Pierri's departure in '05, Kevin Concordia (lead guitar, vox) joined the line-up.

The Morning Call released their first EP "Sunlight In Bottles" March 10th, 2007 at the renowned Canopy Club in Champaign. Copies are on sale for $5 - email

The Morning Call continues to play in the Chicago suburbs.

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Written By: Aaron Hart

It seems like we don't have enough time
And you don't know what you want
And everything that I leaned on
Has fallen down on me

I might break, I'm falling down
But you hold onto me

It feels like I'm running in circles
To find something I've been looking for

Dream Girl

Written By: Aaron Hart

Dream Girl, when are you going to come around?
I've been waiting here for so long dreaming of you
Dream Girl, I'm tired of playing this game
But I'm just so afraid to say that I'm in-love with you

'Cause if I tell you I would just give myself away
I don't know what not to say

Dream Girl, how will I ever know if you'd ever want to go somewhere with me?
Dream Girl, find a way to say to me that you want to be with me
You know I'm yours

I love you baby


"Sunlight In Bottles" EP

Label: Independent
Release: March 10th, 2007

1. Intro
2. Break
3. Dream Girl
4. Come With Me
5. Remember The Dreams
6. No One

"Crescendo" Compilation

Label: Green Street Records
Release: April 13th, 2006

1. Dream Girl

Set List

Total time: 1hr 15min; all originals full band except "That Thing You Do!" (Adam Schlesinger)