The Morning Code

The Morning Code


The Morning Code, the musical pseudonym of singer/songwriter Ashwin Alexander, released its debut album Superhero Complex in 2007 with sounds that recalled greats such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, and modern rock innovators like Coldplay and Muse.


The Morning Code formed in early 2007, shortly after singer and songwriter Ashwin Alexander completed independently recording Superhero Complex. With sounds that recalled greats such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead, as well as modern rock innovators like Coldplay and Muse, Alexander immediately sought out a group of musicians that could create a heart stopping and powerful live experience.

The Morning Code is brought together by a love of emotive melodies, deep textures, and layered arrangements. They commit to providing the most emotional and compelling live experience possible. Their musicianship and hard work carries them to making this a reality. They admire bands that go beyond their recordings to give an undeniable experience to the audience and they seek to do the same every time they take the stage.



Written By: Ashwin Alexander

Never said too much about the space between his eardrums
Never mind that it was gold
Flew in on a hunch that life was sincere and youth immortal
A sucker punch could land him to his knees

(count 2 3 4)

Amy had her friends and her sweet, sweet delinquents
To help her fall away from you
A six string is waiting for you to seize the moment and blaze your entry
I’ll take the fast lane again

(count 2 3 4)

Wrap the silver question around your head
Forget the dreams under your bed
And I can’t wait till you belong

(we are the ocean)
(we have the numbers)
(we will make you forget)

Slipping through the cracks and under the age restrictions
Rusty denim never felt so good
Morning hair without a care, would you ever be so lucky?
These are the golden years for you

All That's Left

Written By: Ashwin Alexander

Just look down
You’re missing half the fun
Just see how far we’ve come, it is fine

Your red lights are knocking off my thoughts
And we’re just left here screaming all the while

Now I can see, everything’s changed
Now that I’ve taken all that there was to give, I can stay

All these words are making me feel so direct
But you stay circumspect, there’s so much heat
There’s no depth to anything I’ve said
But can’t get a grip now these days

Keep On

Written By: Ashwin Alexander

I will fix this
I will make this better
This masochism kills me
But art is pain, so I guess its all worth it now…

We write songs in one night
And put sweet nothings down on paper
My love is my pain
And so be it then
Just hurt me one more time and I’ll fill up this page again

Two days in a row!
Its getting too much for this weakened brain
You’ve ruined all of my favorite songs!
Corrupted and tainted their truest meaning

Now scream!
For me!

Every day now, every moment seems to scream
This is wrong now
Just hurt me, please

The sun sets over new york city
And the day puts all of its weight on me
And I’m done


Superhero Complex (2007)

Set List

Who Owns the truth
All That's Left
Keep On
New City
Superhero Complex
Things to Come
Do As You Do
Opposite Page
This book