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The Morning Riot

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The Morning Riot is a band that does not play by the rules. With a reputation for things like playing live on the side of freeways during rush hour, playing two miles out to sea on a 95ft. fishing boat, or being banned from a certain Sunset Strip club because their fans were too rowdy, this band is determined to leave an impression.
Hailing from San Diego, CA, a city the band says is “the hardest place to make it as a band”, The Morning Riot started as a two piece with singer/guitarist Tony All, and drummer Josh “Mr. Destructive” Arend in 2005. “I think we had about five songs when we played our first show” says Tony All, “we used to play the same songs twice, usually people were so drunk they didn’t notice, so it worked out”. The two piece only lasted a few months when they realized a bass player was needed for a more complete sound, so Josh’s friend Christian “X” Nommesen was brought in to fill the spot. The band played as a three piece for the better part of a year, but when they started getting some attention and realized that The Morning Riot was going somewhere, they needed to step it up. “We had gotten as good as we could as a three piece” says Tony All, “and we knew we could be as good as any band out there, so we started looking for a secret weapon that would get us there”. That secret weapon turned out to be lead guitarist Brian “Fuzzy” Deschambeau, who had been to a few shows and was becoming a fan of the band. Drummer Josh invited Fuzzy to practice one night, and he blew the band away with his guitar skills. “He was shredding, it was amazing to watch” says Tony All, “So we kept inviting him back to practice”. The band then began inviting Fuzzy to play shows, and he’s been part of The Morning Riot ever since. Now a complete four piece, and with a shredding secret weapon, the band is trying to make a name for them selves. “It’s so hard for bands in San Diego to get attention” says Tony All “the scene needs a lot of work, and there are so many good bands that don’t get the attention they deserve, that’s why we play in other cities more than our own”. The band has done well in other places like L.A., where they recently picked up the award for “Punk Album of the Year” at this year’s L.A. Music Awards, and were also nominated for “Indie Rock Album of the Year”. The band is also getting a lot of attention from internet radio stations like Upstream Radio and Pulse Now, where they’re in regular rotation and getting amazing reviews. “We’re kicking ass right now” says Tony All “we’re ready for that next big step in our career, and we’re not going to stop until we take over the world”.