The Morning Star Orchestra

The Morning Star Orchestra


The Morning Star Orchestra make big epic music which is absolutely lovely and poppy and a wee bit like My Bloody Valentine gone paragliding.


What is the sound of a phat tropical fish singing? What is the sound of 3 adventure-riders smiling? THE MORNING STAR ORCHESTRA from Bergen, Norway has just finished their debut; "Some Simple Songs To The Choirmaster", a 40 minute journey with songs collected from the storehouse of heaven. Real tender indie rock with instrumentation as varied as real harp, church organ, bratsj, the space echo, funky 70s drums and a beautiful male/female dual vocal to float effortlessly inbetween the candy and the cream. The Orchestra is weaving a beautiful curtain of sound resembling the heroes from "My Bloody Valentine" and "Coldplay".

They actually started as a band in studio the autumn of 2004 and stayed there for a year developing a secret sound. After recording a sweat musicvideo for "Reunion Square" and part-taking the The Blood Culture, Volume 2 sampler (Joy Eletric, Daniel Benjamin) they formed a Orchestra with the following members: Dagfinn Vik, Arvid Vik, Therese Brattetveit, Yngve Andresen and Ruben Nesse. Their first live act took place at The Blood Culture Festival November 2005 adding the eletric Narrow on keys and samples.

Discover where the sun raises the morning and touches the nightly stars, The Morning Star Orchestra are playing new melodies for you in the horizon. Keep your ears up for this music!


Blood Culture, Volume 2 (compliation) with Joy Eletric, Daniel Benjamin ++

Set List

7-8 songs.
40-45 min.