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The best kept secret in music


"Moss Brothers pull good CD out of woodshed"

Living rooms, bedrooms and basements have replaced woodsheds as the retreats where musicians hone their skills, but the term “woodshedding” still means practicing and developing songs.

On Thursday (December 28, 2006), a Puyallup-area quartet called the Moss Brothers Band will put its woodshed work on display at The Swiss. The group, which has a recent CD called “Royal Orleans,” plays a tasty mix of Americana and country rock.

One of the best songs on the album is a clever original called “Collard Greens.” Over Jeff Moss’ delightful Dobro guitar work and Troy Moss’ mandolin playing, the ode to a great green rolls out claims that include replacing Viagra, preventing bed-wetting and serving as an alternative fuel.

Another good tune, “Plantation,” also feature Jeff Moss’ delightful touch on the Dobro, an acoustic guitar with a metal resonator. It starts with an unusual intro that suggests the Civil War-era South.

“That’s just a sample of soldiers marching,” Troy Moss said, “and we threw in a little horse noise. … I visited some old plantations near New Orleans in ’03, and I wrote the song while I was down there.”
Moss said he imagined the marching sound, “and that’s how I got the beat of the song.”

He and brother Jeff share the band’s vocal duties. The group also features drummer David Smith, a former member of Junkyard Jane, and bassist Kevin Dale, who also performs with Americana artist Michael O'Neill.
- Rick Nelson; The Tacoma News Tribune (December 2006)

"Southern Flair!"

The new CD by the Moss Brothers Band built around Troy and Jeff Moss - both brothers of Rebel Storm guitarist Billy Moss, who appears as special guest on one number - contains a fine mix of country-rock influenced tunes… Very carefully arranged - with lots of acoustic guitars (though there are electric guitars in use as well) - dobros, slide guitars and the occasional piano solo… - the CD rocks, not in a overblown loud - but in a very decent and sophisticated manner with a lot of "southern-flair". Both Moss brothers are very good singers, with fitting vocal styles for the music recorded on this CD. Clocking in at 35 minutes, the CD may seem a bit short, but - good thing is it leaves the listener with a strong desire to hopefully hear more of this excellent band in the near future. - Michael Knippschild; SRA MusicShop, Germany

"" whuppin' record...""

No mystery to the Moss Bros: the Tacomans are here for some Down South Jukin'. They were born in 'Bama but came here a quarter century ago, bringing their grits & greens sound with them. They've been leading exponents of the Tacoma Twang Trust but only now have they recorded, dang'em! This is Southern Rock as it was invented and intended, though skewed toward the acoustic to fit both the modern sensibility and an antiquey vibe. Lots of resonator guitar and general loud swagger means they need only a little electric guitar, still, this is one whuppin' record, ranking right up there with the first couple of Skynyrd albums, Creedence and Dickie Betts unplugged. Yes, it's THAT good. Each song covers a different facet of the southern blues sound, with some snaky voodoo here, some tub-thumpin' there, some crunching rock here, some moanin' blues there. The musicianship is expert and soulful throughout, as are the vocals. Aw, y'all jes' go git it!
- Tom Petersen; Victory Review (March 2007)


ROYAL ORLEANS – Indie Release December 2006


“…Cajun Waltz is an acoustic guitar master achievement…”

“…the CD shines technically…the production is quite impressive…”

- Daniel Daus, Rocktime (Germany)

“…The mix of dobro and mandolin together with an electric rock line up on the album makes for a sonic trip to New Orleans and the Deep South…”

- Rootstime (Belgium)

“…the CD rocks, not in an overblown loud – but in a very decent and sophisticated manner with a lot of southern flair…”

- Michael Knippschild, SRA MusicShop (Germany)

“…A Magnificent Debut for the Moss Brothers...”

“…Lovely relaxed with a Southern Grove…”

“…a fresh striking semi-acoustic/electric sound with tight vocal harmonies…”

-Barchen Records (Germany)


Golden Flash Webradio (Belgium)

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FM Goud 107.7 (Belgium)

Radio Antenna 2 (Italy)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in 1980, THE MOSS BROTHERS BAND played nearly a hundred shows from Morton to Seattle during the early ‘80’s. In 1997 the Washington State Blues Society nominated The Moss Brothers Band “The Best New Blues Band” (Well, they were new to Blues anyway!). Today the band mates are proud members of The Tacoma Twang Trust. These boys have run the gauntlet of Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, and New Orleans Funk and came out on the other side with something truly original. After 26 years the band decided to condense their musical influences and expand its musical horizons by recording and releasing their first CD “ROYAL ORLEANS”.

“ROYAL ORLEANS” The Moss Brothers Band debut release, featuring all original music, finds the band coming into their own with inventive arrangements, professional yet “organic” production and their best songwriting to date. This CD is a musical journey to New Orleans and the Deep South. Cajun Waltz is a side trip into a 19th century bayou; while Cottonmouth Country serves up a steamin’ bowl of swampy Southern Rock. Although just released, this CD is already drawing interest with European radio and distributors.

Born and raised in the backwoods of Alabama, the two Moss boys bring a raw unsophisticated twang to the table as well as vocal harmonies tighter than biscuits n’ gravy that could only come from sharing the same DNA.

JEFF MOSS thrills the listener with his vocal styling and acoustic guitar picking, but it is his greeezy slide licks on the Dobro that makes one hungry for red beans and rice.

TROY MOSS delights and amuses audiences with his rich, soulful voice and his electric slide guitar reminiscent of the late Lowell George. His mandolin melodies are refreshing like a mint julep on a humid day.

The grease and grit of Jeff and Troy are complimented by the musicianship and professionalism of Dave Smith and Kevin Dale (veritable “brothers from different mothers”). These two pros have been playing since Sherman sacked Atlanta; together they provide the drive and steady thump of a southbound train.

KEVIN DALE provides melodic bass lines on electric, acoustic and fretless basses, and his soul/rock origins compliment the bands rootsy tone. And finally, steady thumpin’ drummer DAVE SMITH, whose second line rhythms seem straight from Mardi Gras, is a deacon in the church of the tenacious groove. Between the two of them, they have performed with acts such as Junkyard Jane, The Seattle Blues Review (performing on occasion with Anne Wilson), No Quarter, Michael O’Neil and Steve Stephanowitz.

“Southern Harmony, Love and Family is all that you need”