The Most Beautiful Losers
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The Most Beautiful Losers

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"Beer For Breakfast!!"

"The Most Beautiful Losers obviously adore The Replacements and Lynard Skynard. They don't cry in their beer, they spit in it!"
-Tom Dawson - Columbus Other Paper

"Rawk for your binges!"

"Excellent music that makes me feel that there is still hope out there for songs written right, a little whiskey left, and dreams broken down. I would love to join this band.”- - Brendan Casey, DJ at WQKE College Radio New York

- Brendan Casey WQKE


"A drinking band with a Rock and Roll problem is their Tagline. Pretty accurate if you ask me :) Although the quintessential The Most Beautiful Losers experience happens live, their Albulm, Playing With Hearts, is a good fix when you need it at home relaxing with your misery or triumph, or on the road when the wind calls to you.

Here's a quick Synopisis --

This albulm features 13 (my lucky number) tracks of Chris' earthy volcals, guitar with part twang resemblaing the likes of Neil Young and hints of late Cash, with Brad's solid bass, and Todd's frenzied staccato drumming. IF I had to be so lame as to put a label on it I'd call it post modern cow punk americana. Or if Neil Young, Bill Malloonee, Social Distortion, and Uncle Tupelo decided to combine their genteic material, and then turn it up to 11 as Spinal Tap would say. My own accurate label for them -- suprisingly cathartic sonic whiskey.

The albulm starts out with two brisker paced songs Everything Ive done and Watch the Stars, and the always familar line in my own life from the first song --"Everything will fall apart it's all just a matter of when and where and who and why and what." Actually, that line points out a lot of why I like this band-- very fitting lyrics to most peoples lives. They are defintely an every-man (and woman's) type of band. Following this song is the bouncy, Water Me Down of needing to get out of a small town, then the slower heartbreaker, Something for the Pain.

Then the album virtually demands that you turn the volume to ear shattering levels as you listen to the next track, the bombastic Dynamo Jim. Two other gems in this collection need specific attention in my opinion -- Sweet on You, an inspired by Evil Dead and Army of Darkness love song filled with catchy hooks, and then the obvious fan favorite Noah Judd.

Nothing will ever really describe the soudn of this chilling epic, kind of And Justice For All style ballad taking a wrong turn in the Appalacahian Mountains with a thin veneer of americana spread over it. One of my favorite types of songs, it starts off slow and plodding building to a crencendo of emotion and roaring guitars, with Todds great drums thundering through the whole time.

IF you really wanna know them, pick up the albulm form Cdbaby, or amazon. I have one of their tracks on my front page right now. You can find them on my friends list too is a great link to get an album or even find thier main website.

And to really get this band, watch them live. If you wanna have some fun, ask 'em to play a cover. You'll get, an, er friendly response that will be worth the price of admission alone. "
Matt Orwig - A FAN REVIEW!

- Matt Orwig


"Playin' With Hearts" Debut album 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


A drinkin’ band with a rock-n-roll problem, The Most Beautiful Losers began in the Spring of 2002 and have had their muddy boots full on the throttle ever since. A brawling, hard drinkin’ power trio that is dead set on kicking your ass one minute and making you hum their songs the next, the Losers quickly began to make a name for themselves based on their awesome live shows. Influenced by old time country music, punk and southern rock ( and just about any other hard drinking artist), the Losers found themselves playing for the “common folk”. If you have ever found yourself spending all of your money at the bar and crying in your beer about a lost love or that good job you just lost at the factory after failing your piss test, then The Most Beautiful Losers are definitely for you. Underdogs through and through, they know where you’re coming from man, because they’ve been there too.