The Motel Brothers

The Motel Brothers


Acoustic americana from the Green Mountains: Vermont-inspired songwriting and varied instrumentation from Vermont's only acoustic power trio, The Motel Brothers blend country, blues, appalachian and rock influences, respectfully treating audiences to authentic, original, and very local music.


Led by singer/songwriter James Bentley, the Motel Brothers have been influenced by many of the great acoustic music masters from the 20th century. Bentley’s raw vocals and gritty, original songs speak to the hearty folk, solemn peace and fundamental truths about life in Vermont and beyond. From the down-and-out feel of “Rock Bottom, N.E.K.” to the deceivingly simple “Caledonia,” the Motel Brothers mix elegant and silky smooth melodies on guitar, ukulele, and mandolin along with the percussive tempos of Jazz, Latin, Bluegrass, and Country. Backed by seasoned multi-instrumentalist Ean Briere and versatile drum brush artist Stephen Morabito, the Motel Brothers convey a musical dynamic that captures the quintessential Vermont experience.


Drunkard's Dream

Written By: James Bentley

One sip of liquor to soothe my soul;
Hope I die before I grow old;
Empty my pockets of silver and gold;
It's the oldest story ever been told.

Where do we go after we die?
To a whiskey still on heaven high.
What is the difference between the truth and a lie
When you're seeing the world through a neon sign?

See me pickin' country music
Call me a drunkard's dream
Call me anything you please
But not reality.

One sip of liquor to forget my sin.
What would you do to be a child again?
Play all day and be asleep by ten,
To dance and sing without trying?

Hear me singin', fancy pantsin' (yeah)
Call me a drunkard's dream
Call me anything to please
But not reality, but not reality.

One sip of liquor to soothe my soul,
Another sip of liquor to forget my sins,
One sip of liquor before I go,
Another sip of liquor and I'm gone....

Rock Bottom, N.E.K.

Written By: James Bentley

Sunday morning, motel room,
Daybreak will be coming soon.
The TV's on but the volume's down,
The stars shine bright but the blinds are drawn.

Right across from the Gold Crown Lanes,
There's a place we go to hide our shame.
It's fifty bucks a night but you pay by the week,
And nobody asks your name, here in Rock Bottom, N.E.K.

Gotta' find a new home where they unplugged the telephone,
Where the sun don't shine and the fisher cats roam,
It's Rock Bottom, N.E.K.
Yeah, Rock Bottom, N.E.K.

But a fist full of nickels and a ring of gold
Can't buy back all the love we stole.
And the Lamplighter Lounge opens daily at noon;
We go there to ease our minds here in Rock Bottom, N.E.K.

Sunday evening, motel room,
Nightfall will be coming soon.
We're down so low, but your love is so strong.
I think I hear a country song; call it Rock Bottom, N.E.K.