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Martha Davis

Records provide the soundtracks to our lives. Martha Davis has the ability to capture in song, what we experience in our hearts and minds. An epic story teller, Davis spins tales filled with an exceptional variety of dark colors and textures driven by powerful lyrics and haunting melodies. Life's quirky underbelly is captured within these compelling, surreal songs and brought to life by Davis ' incredible voice.

Martha Davis is among a generation that is currently being ignored or overlooked by the record industry; they are true music fans in search of real songs and real artists. For the past decade she's been ignored- just like her fans, but Martha Davis has not been forgotten. At retail she's been out of the bins, but Martha Davis has never left the airwaves. She is the patron saint of lost causes, the voice of the underdog. Martha Davis is an archetype- the embodiment of hope. She has taken the hard times that life has thrown her way and spun them into inspiration. Defining common ground endears her to the public by highlighting her real life experiences, transcending demographics and genres, allowing the songs to be the focus rather than the format in which they are told. Martha Davis gives real meaning to the expression “Alternative Music,” – songs that cannot be explained by one style. She is an artist who can not be pigeon holed by a single genus. Life does not fit into such classifications, nor does Martha Davis.

Los Angeles Times' Robert Hilburn called her “arguably the most charismatic female performer in rock.” The voice is unique, unmistakable and timeless…She writes music for the rest of us… “If gangster rap has been hip-hop's equivalent of so-called "Black exploitation" films, the music of Martha Davis and The Motels was new wave's answer to the film-noir thrillers and Raymond Chandler novels of the 1940s. For The Motels, the setting was their native Los Angeles --and like a lot of film-noir, they depicted L.A. as the seediest, most corrupt place on Earth. It was a far cry from the wholesome "fun in the sun" music of The Beach Boys.” -- Alex Henderson

The new record from Martha Davis is the one truly exceptional choice for this ignored and disenfranchised generation. It speaks to the anarchist in all of us- to those who don't take “No” for an answer. It does not require Propecia, Viagra, liposuction, or a face-lift; it recognizes that Real Life is enough of a Reality Show - with real pain, real joys, real tears, and real scars- Scars that should be worn like badges of honor. Music and art should not be about the lowest common denominator, they should strive to inspire, they are about strength, love, sorrow, and triumph…

This fall Martha Davis released “ …So the Story Goes ” her self produced landmark return to the music industry and her fans. “I'm going back to basics, a real grass roots approach, this album will be available through my website, I am tired of waiting around for someone else to release my music.” She is a 54 year old woman with one of the most unique and inspired voices in modern music. “She is one of the original women in rock”, “a soulful and gifted singer/songwriter,”

It has been many years since the release of The Motels first record in 1979 (25 years to be exact). The 18 year old then is now 43. That 43 year old is part of a generation who is looking for new music to which it can relate. Since '79 this thing called life has happened to all of us, and it will continue to happen. There is a need for a voice for this generation-a heroine. Martha Davis is that voice. This generation falls between the bookends of Nascar and The New Yorker…and so do the songs on this record.

Martha's story is a story of inspiration and independence. Martha Davis is one of the pioneering women in Rock-n-Roll who has gone through the trials of life and come out stronger on the other side- hers is a story of survival. She has made it out alive and has retained her artistic integrity, vision, and inspiration.

“ She's the one who sang that song ,” (she's also the one who wrote them) “She saved my life,” “She was and is The Motels,” she is….Martha Davis

“…you have your ups and downs; you pick yourself up by the bootstraps and keep moving forward”
“Music is all that I know…it is my one true love…it is my life”