The Moth and the Mirror

The Moth and the Mirror


This band collide dark pop melodies and thundering crescendos, one moment, quiet and blissful, the next dark and heavy. The music doesn't let you fall into a comfort zone, but keeps shifting and moving with a dramatic quality that will make the songs remain in the memory long after hearing them.


'The Moth and the Mirror' began life as a band on a cold February morning in 2006. Stacey Sievwright once played cello in Arab Strap and the Reindeer Section, but this band allows her to come out from behind the cello, and showcase her vocal and guitar talents. Backed by Gordon Skene (Carson/Make Model), Kevin McCarvel and Murdo Mackenzie (The Boy Who Trapped The Sun) and percussionist extraordinaire Iain Sandilands, the band has been refining their sound for over a year. With all members of the band being passionate fans of many different types of music, the bands sound is influenced at one moment by the blissful soundscapes of Sigur Ros, the next the catchy pop hooks of The Cure, and sometimes even the weird and wonderful avant garde/experimental music scene. The band aspires to stand out from the crowd, to have something different and unique. There is no attempt to follow the fashionable sounds of the moment, or to fit into a particular scene. The attempt is always to be orginal interesting, memorable and most importantly enjoyable. So far the band has played in and around Glasgow, and are looking forward to playing live around the UK, as well as further afield should the opportunity arise.


No releases as of yet.

Radio airplay on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal, as well as video shown on an episode of Rapal (BBC2). The video was for the song 'Everyone I Know' (

Set List

Everyone I Know
Soft Insides
Beautiful Creature
Hope Is An Anchor
Honestly, This World
Oceans & Waves
Lights In The Sky

At the moment the set runs for roughly 30 minutes, all songs are original.