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The Mother

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"Every once in a blue moon, a band comes along that defies gravity and conventional audio-physics. The Mother is just that kind of a great, mystifying, enigmatic band." -- United Global Artists.


The Mother is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Razali Abdullah aka Jalisetan, who takes on commercial composing jobs and channels the income towards producing the kind of music he's really into. The tracks listed on the EPK reflects this. While "Overflow", written for a charity project, is a pop/inspirational tune which could fit into any mainstream radio format, "Broken Mirrors" and "Doomed" are songs of darkness and despair which take the listener to a gloomy world where melancholy reigns. Like most Singapore artists, The Mother is largely ignored in its homeland, but critically acclaimed in America. In 1994, Janiss Garza, then editor of world-renowned American magazine RIP, described the band as "fresher than most British bands, which tend to get a little uppity and pretentious".

It was Los Angeles artist promoter United Global Artists (UGA) who dragged the band out of retirement. Describing The Mother as a band that "defies gravity and conventional audio-physics", UGA has been actively promoting this Singaporean outfit to North America, the UK and Japan.

The Mother is currently putting the final touches to its second album Lost Shadow In The Dark, a project that has been in gestation since 2001. According to Razali, it has taken so long for the band to produce its sophomore release because the songwriting process became much more elaborate than before. "Maybe it's the Pink Floyd influence, but we found ourselves toying with various song structures, arrangements and melodies," says Razali. "We also experimented with various mics and pre-amps and outboard processors and plug-ins, and sometimes we recorded the same songs under various conditions."

And the final result? Look out for Lost Shadows In The Dark when it reaches your shores in early 2007. For samples, write to



Written By: Razali Abdullah

I feel that in this world I've lost my place
And in my heart was nothing but an empty space
Sometimes I get this feeling that no one cares
There were times I questioned if life had been fair

Then you came and touched me with a smile
You lifted me out of the darkness and made living more worthwhile

All the kindness and the care you've shown
Filled my life with boundless joy
Soon the empty space in my heart
Will overflow

You give my broken spirit wings to fly
You resurrect the passion that's waned in days gone by
You take away my weaknesses and made me strong
Knowing you cared gave me the strength to carry on


Sometimes the burden of living leave me in despair
But you lent me a hand and nothing feels too much to bear


Broken Mirrors

Written By: Razali Abdullah

Just because of you
I've loosened up the noose
Shut the machines down
Looked beneath the ground

It could take forever...

I've seen a side of you
I wished I never knew
I look in broken mirrors
You're there in every corner

It could take forever...

How do you sleep at night
Knowing that the man lying beside you
Is not the same one
You always see in your dreams

So hold on tight
In a drunken stupor you will smile again


Written By: Razali Abdullah

Angel don't lie
It's so unyou
Will this mean the simple words matter now?

I hear whispers
They say I'm doomed
Will this mean the simple words matter now?

How far can we go holding on to the same wing?

Will this mean the simple words matter now?

Changes change nothing
I've tried to lift the gloom
Will this mean the simple words matter now?


From "The Mother's first demo" (1992)
1) Wings in the sea
2) Why can't I?
3) The beginning of the end

From "BigO New School Rock IV" compilation (1994)
1) Something's happening
2) Still confused

From "Flush After Use" compilation (1996)
1. The little girl I once knew
2. End of the world

From "A Dark Trip on the Ill Tip" album (2001)
1. Fooling the people we know so well
2. Your face
3. Grunts
4. The new bong
5. Watch the sunset
6. It works
7. Like diamonds
8. Strays
9. The mirror
10. Swansong
11. Fantasies
12. Ecaf ruoy (instrumental)

Soundtrack from the film "Klise" (2004)
1. Jangan (in Malay)

From "Lost Shadow in the Dark" album (due early 2007)
1. Lights out
2. When darkness falls
3. Doomed
4. Broken mirrors
5. Smile
6. The wedding present
7. Watch me
8. When dreamers die
9. Suoiciv Dis
10. A dark trip on the ill tip

Set List

For a 45 min-1hr set, this is our typical repertoire:

Intro: Lights out (intro as band enters)
1. When darkness falls
2. Broken mirrors
3. Strays
4. Watch the sunset
5. The wedding present
6. Smile
7: Why can't I?
8. Doomed
9. The little girl I once knew
10. Cover song: to choose from Pink Floyd, Placebo or The Smiths