The MotherHumbuckers

The MotherHumbuckers


An All-Filipino alternative blues/rock band out of the SF bay area. We ARE the MHB.


Started by Jose and Rocky as a trio called Mutt back in 1994, the MHB evolved into what is now a well-oiled sounding machine with the additions of Broadway Ollie and BlackSack Martin. Our influences range all over the place: from Zeppelin to Santana, the Chili Peppers to Johnny Cash and a little hint of Prince and Earth Wind and Fire. We aren't your typical asian band that would either be hip-hop or metal. We fall happily in the middle.

Set List

The majority of our songs are originals. "Propoganda" seems to be a crowd favorite. So is the bluesy tune "Clarity" and a funked out "Go Ahead". We typically play an hour long set.