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"ANTIWARPT Festival Guide"

Heavy psyche rock trio dishing out fuzzy riffs and Zeppelin stomp.
FOR FANS OF: Queens of the Stone Age and Tame Impala - Creative Loafing


4:35 p.m., Mother Machine at Octave The Soundgarden-y psych-grunge of the Orlando band was pleasing everyone in the venue, my first time here since Octave's opening. Unfortunately I only caught half a song, vocalist Morgan Soltes closing out the set a little early with an enthusiastic, "You're the best audience ever!" —DR - Creative Loafing

"This week in Tampa Bay area live music: The Used, Jucifer, Infected Mushroom, Willie Nelson & more"

RedFeather/Florida Night Heat/Loud Valley/The Mother Machine A Black Valley Collective showcase featuring four fine quality bands, three from the Tampa Bay area, one from Orlando. St. Pete’s RedFeather is a psych folk ensemble with a sound that calls to mind Rocky Mountain ridges — acoustic guitar picks and strums winding amid keyboard melodies, tribal percussion, and nature-driven lyrics delivered in the echoing lead calls of Mark Etherington with ethereal-sweet backup by keys mistress Jaqlyn Troubadour. Florida Night Heat plows through propulsive rock instrumentals with power trio interplay and deep shades of psychedelia and sludge-stoner griminess. The Mother Machine brings ‘60s-informed garage-blues-trippiness to the table while Loud Valley rounds out the evening with dreamy waltzing roots pop marked by hymnal vocal harmonies and bright, lushly textured instrumentation. (Black Valley Collective, St. Petersburg) - Creative Loafing

"Mother Machine Kills It!"

?"The Mother Machine are two pieces of pure badass, steeped in the tradition of indie rock and battered in a gooey metal mixture resulting in delicious deep fried rock and roll. They are not to be missed!" - Stefen Anderson, CBS Radio


"Sonic Abrasion" was released song by song in the span of a year from December 2011 to December 2012. The final versions of the songs along with some new tracks will be released in Spring 2013 on Cassette and Digital Download.



To truly distill the aural psychedelic essence of “the day,” it takes a uniquely creative and supernaturally connected pairing of individuals; a duo with the ability to transcend the typical pitfalls and limitations of passion and partnership, forging a new element of sound and feeling. It goes beyond the idea of logical and communicative ideals and into the stuff of cosmic souls cut from the same fabric of space and time. The inevitable result is one which is undeniably esoteric in creation, yet vast and explosive in execution, leaving those who are privy speechless, and questioning the reality of what just happened – Thus the Mother Machine.

Founded in October 2011, Morgan Soltes (Vocals/Guitar) and Danny Marschner (Drums) are no strangers to the others vibrations. The duo have been making music together since 2004, reincarnating multiple times with countless bands and lineup changes, bringing out the best of one another; competitively challenging the limits of their personal abilities while fueling the creative juggernaut that eventually took shape in their current incarnation. After many combinations and line up changes throughout the years however, the two decided it was time to strike out on their own. With their love for metal, 60's pop, grunge, and psychedelic, Danny and Morgan grafted the best of their collective interests and desires and combined them it into one, The Mother Machine.

Creative Loafing Tampa describes The Mother Machine as, “Heavy psych rock… dishing out fuzzy riffs and Zeppelin stomp," most especially attractive to audiophiles that dig on "… Queens of the Stone Age and Tame Impala."

Mother Machine is more than just an escape directly into aural ecstasy, but an entire sensor explosion experience. Unique to the Duo’s live presentation is the visually intensive and acid-flashback inducing liquid light show provided by the unflappable Joe T. Walsh. The Mother Machine leaves everything on the stage, exploding with an incomparable energy and the truly genuine passion it takes to move an audience to uncharted quadrants, making for a truly unique and unforgettable sensory explosion experience.

The Mother Machine will be releasing their full first album in Spring 2013, following a tour of the Duo’s home state of Florida. Targeting the summer 2013 festival circuit, touting an “any stage, any time” attitude, The Mother Machine will provide an unforgettable experience that will crush any expectation under the weight of a truly unexpected journey back to “the day.”