The Motorcycle Drive-by

The Motorcycle Drive-by


Melodic pop punk with seemingly dark overtones. Comprised of powerful harmonic guitars, infectious vocal melodies and intricit drumming paterns that blend rock beats with disco to create a "dancy vibe".


The Motorcycle Drive By began in the winter of 2005 when three friends Eric Gilmore, Tyler Riopelle and Paul Frangione, out of Ottawa, ON wondered what could come out of playing in a band together. At the time, the idea seemed interesting and perhaps a little funny seeing how each of them had been in prior acts that sounded nothing alike. After much discussion and to the group's good fortune, it was established that contrasting musical influences was to be looked at in a positive light. What if each member brought his own musical influence to the table and fused it with other influences to create something different... something truly unique? Fueled by friendship and an undying passion for writing and performing, an idea that originally seemed merely interesting, soon grew into something that was worth giving a shot. Over the following year, the band (still nameless) practiced and experimented as a three piece. Writing was fun, yet at times it was a struggle. Compositions often fell into the category of one sound or another. In turn, at least one member of the group was left unsatisfied. Songs that skewed farthest from a unique blend of influences were discarded. In the winter of 2006, the group added Adam Kingsbury and things began to kick into high gear. Adam proved to be exactly what the group needed to up the ante on the quality of song composition. New songs were written and previous ones were finished, leaving everyone in good spirits and excited about the work that had been done. A few months after acquiring Adam, the group entered the studio and recorded the track "Days Gone By" to give listeners a taste of what was to come. It was during this studio session that The Motorcycle Drive By was officially chosen as a solid name for the band. Once "Days Gone By" was released to the public via the internet, the band began to receive copious amounts of positive feedback. This feedback only boosted an urge to perform live. In May of 2006, The Motorcycle Drive By played their first local show and since then, the band has been consistently impressing audiences with their unique blend of catchy music and highly energetic stage performances. The successful summer was capped off with a spot on the final date of the Vans Warped Tour in Montreal. Lyrically, The Motorcycle Drive By aims to connect with and reach out to people of all ages through writing about life, growing up and dealing with loss. Although dark at times, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Overcoming obstacles, empowerment, and learning from mistakes to better yourself and others are examples of what the band tries to effectively communicate. As of now, The Motorcycle Drive By are currently writing new material for an upcoming E.P., as well as performing locally and in surrounding areas. Extensive touring may not be in the picture as of yet, but by staying good friends and writing music, The Motorcycle Drive By will surely continue to thrive. That being said, with the ongoing support from fans and time devoted to the band by its members, the best is definitely yet to come.


none as of yet. - demo sold at shows.
the track "fearless" from our forthcoming e.p was played on Ottawa's Live 88.5 during the 2006 Big Money Shot.

Set List

our set list ranges from 8-10 songs. We can play sets anywhere from 20-45 minutes. We do not play covers.