The Motorcycle Industry

The Motorcycle Industry


The Motorcycle Industry is an indie-punk band from Brooklyn, NY in the vein of Against Me! and Say Anything. The band released their first full-length, "Electric Education" in 2008 and has been playing packed shows throughout the Northeast since. A new EP is scheduled for release in September 2009.


Here's the deal: you don't need The Motorcycle Industry. This band is not going to get you laid. They cannot get you into college or out of debt. They can't change the fact that everything on TV sucks and everyone decided to stay in tonight. And they aren't hiding it.

What they can do is provide you with some awkward press photos, a few earnest attempts at writing a hook and a pretty much unfiltered look into the life of lead singer/songwriter/traffic-violator, John Langan. With such jams as "The Palisades," TMI is sure to have you turning an ear and tapping a toe as you scroll through your buddy list.

Rounded out by right-handed guitarist Michael Weiss and party-boy drummer Ryan Barnes, this trio is two semesters away from taking the entire country by storm. Citing their influences as "The Movielife, Desaparecidos and John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China," The Motorcycle Industry sounds more like a "Blue Album" B-side than a track off the first Atticus comp, but hey, that's how the sh** falls.

Their debut album, Electric Education, has been hailed in blog post after blog post as having a "sly, abrasive, self-deprecating wit," being "the soundtrack of downtown New York" and "operating a mildy dork space left vacant by Harvey Danger." Not bad for a couple of 20-year-olds who are rarely late to class and book all of their own shows. After all, who really needs another ringtone?


2007 EP: And The Sun Under The Sea
2008 LP: Electric Education
2009 EP: Upcoming

Received airplay on Breakthru Radio's show "All Access":
"Blue Ribbon"
"The Lost Weekend"
"Sustained Silent Reading"

"The Palisades" featured on's "Spring/Summer 2009 Compilation."

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Set List

1. Lesson One
2. Sustained Silent Reading
3. The Palisades
4. The Lost Weekend
5. Jesse
6. We Can't All Be From Long Island
7. Blue Ribbon