The Mountain Laurels

The Mountain Laurels


This lively group will get your feet tappin' and your heart pumpin' with brisk jigs, reels, and hornpipes, then sway you in to a sentimental, bittersweet state with an enchanting waltz. Expect to enjoy an engaging and memorable musical experience with the Mountain Laurels!


A band of women on strings, from Boone, NC - Their repertoire includes an eclectic hybrid blend of Celtic, Old English, Folk, Renaissance and Chamber music. Flavored by the artistry of Connie Woolard on hammered dulcimer, the stirring depths of Rhonda Lorence on violin, the bold bouquet of bass and vocals from Suzi Mills along with the rich rhythms of Elaine Gray on 12 string guitar and the lovely vocals of Lauren Hayworth. This ensemble is delighting audiences across the High Country.


New Blue Jeans

Written By: JU LEE

New Blue Jeans

Well, when I woke up this morning, there was clearly in my mind
A picture of a young boy, the curly headed kind
Swinging from the highest branches of a china berry tree
My mom would fret and worry, but that didn’t bother me

Playing marbles in the driveway, drawing circles in the sand
Laying in the clover on the back half of our land
With my homemade bow and arrow I could hit the power line
That crossed the vacant field between my granny’s house and mine

New blue jeans, new blue jeans
Once a year my mom would buy me new blue jeans
New blue jeans, new blue jeans
I’d run to Dad and he’d roll up my new blue jeans

I had cousins by the dozens, I had sisters there were three
But mostly there was my imaginary friend and me
We had constant conversations, I would answer when I’d speak
The good guys and the bad guys playing verbal hide and seek

My dad worked on the railroad, he was often gone as not
My mom worked at the grocery, it took everything she got
To put food upon the table, for Dad drank a bit you see
And my mom had quite a struggle to maintain the family

Well the years have come and gone and there’s a lot I can’t recall
My dad has passed away since, bringing sorrow to us all
But not before he saw the light, and there were many happy years
Then mom sold the farm ‘cause it was coming down around her ears

And now I am a man, I stand before you as you see
And I guess I must admit that there’s a lot of Dad in me
And I say that knowing fully well exactly what it means
And once a year my mom still buys me new blue jeans
And once a year my mom still buys me new blue jeans

Tell Me Now

Written By: Susan Mills

Tell Me Now
Susan W. Mills
(Based on the poetry of George Bowen)

Well here’s my heart, you can take it
Though I know you might break it.
I’ve had a change in point of view and I hope I have the fortitude
What’s in the past, it’s all gone anyhow
But I think you can tell me now.

A short time past I couldn’t hear.
When the trouble came, I’d disappear.
I couldn’t face reality, and I wasn’t sure that I was me.
But I think I know now, what I didn’t then.
Can we have that long talk again?

I’m in a fight now, and it’s with my tears.
I got this feeling, and I think it’s fear
Because things don’t always turn out fine, but mistakes I make are truly mine
And there are still things, some things I won’t allow
But I think you can tell me now.


Highland Bloom (2012)

Set List

John Ryan/ Soldiers Joy
Morrisons Jig
Sweet is the Melody
Turkey in the Straw/Miss McLeods Reel
Road to Lisdoonvarna
Across the Great Divide
Blackberry Blossom/Drowsy Maggie
O’carolans Concerto
New Blue Jeans
Ashe Grove /Simple Gifts
Tell Me Now
Over the Waterfall
Sky Boat Song
Moves Through the Fair
Star of County Down/Child Grove
Trip to Skye
Both Sides the Tweed
Red Haired Boy
Sheppard’s Wife Waltz
Wind that Shakes the Barley
Smash the Windows
Lighthouse Keepers Waltz
Tell Me Ma
Music for a found Harmonium
Lovers Waltz
Whiskey in A Jar
Planxty Fannie Power
Nil Na LA
Sing One For Sister
Danny Boy
It’s a Hard Life
Ashokans Farewell
Lazy John
Planxty George
Molly Malone
Si Bheag Si Mor
Four Loom Weaver
Shippin’ Off to Boston
Shady Grove
Rights of Man/Black Nag
Nobody’s Fault