the mountain, the forest, the earth

the mountain, the forest, the earth

 London, Ontario, CAN

“the mountain, the forest, the earth” is a lens through which you may see the world; the music is meant to challenge you with seeing your surroundings under a new light. Through video, lighting, earthy incense, and emotive performance; they will pull you in to their world, if only for a moment.


“the mountain, the forest, the earth” is a group from London, Ontario. They draw musically from the genres of rock, classical, world, and film scores to create a kind of post-rock familiar to listeners of that genre, yet unique in execution. Instrumentation is made up of hypnotic tom patterns, earth-shaking bass, punctuated percussion, articulate guitars and haunting, distant vocals. These sounds are often played against each other in complex time-signatures and polyrhythms, creating musical soundscapes with a cinematic feel. Each song takes on its own mood and feeling, ranging from dark, sombre elegies to flighty, haunting melodies to aggressive, emotional rhythmic pulsing.

A typical performance for “the mountain, the forest, the earth” is more than just music; your other senses are actively engaged, creating a uniquely immersive experience. Earthy incense will entice your sense of smell and bring you under the canopy of an ancient forest. Unique, handmade costume will situate you within a culture of tradition and ritual. Finally, projections serve to underscore and reinforce the mood of the music.

“the mountain, the forest, the earth” currently have two shows lined up with Buzz records band WTCHS from Hamilton, ON. Both bands will be taking part in a new avant-garde music festival called Sweet Magic London, and will appear together at Brennan’s Beer Bistro. In addition, “the mountain, the forest, the earth” have shared the stage with local acts A Horse and his Boy, Dead City Beat, and I Smell Blood, as well as Out of Sound Record’s Cursed Arrows.

Set List

The Last Great Migration
First Day At Residential School
The Oath
The Dreaming