The Mount Rushmores

The Mount Rushmores

 Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA

We are a refreshing indie-rock band with an emphasis on vocal harmonies, and folk background. Our music is an ever-evolving construction, which we use all of our favorite aspects of different genres together to deliver a music we are not only proud of but that we have fun performing.


The Mount Rushmores is a band whose values and goals have manifested themselves into a seeable yet intangible idea. That idea’s name is Eddie. Eddie is a kid who wants to be bigger than he really is. He is hungry for a life where he can be happy doing what he loves and showing the world that anyone can do the same. Eddie stands for the beliefs and ideas of the Mount Rushmores. The Mount Rushmores is a band from South Mississippi with a strong desire to be a band with a worldwide fan base. A desire that strengthens with every chord that fills the atmosphere, every thump of the kick drum, and every cheer of a fan. When our target audience is reached and fully realized, the sun will never fully set on our fans. The main focus of the Rushmores is: “Will this song pull on the heartstrings of our listeners?” “Will our fans come to our music after a terrible day at work for relief and to feel better?” “Will we be refuge for the weary?” Each of these ideas is carefully woven into every song we write. Our lyrics are written in a way that can be compared to songs written by other artists. Songs of love, overcoming adversity, making at better name for yourself and a myriad of situations, with which everyone will sympathize. However, the stories told in the words put a spin on the typical writing style of our time. We expect our listeners to find adventure and fantasy in our songs. We want them to try something new, experience something extraordinary. We invite our listeners to find their own Eddie, and become who they hope to be. This is who we are and what we stand for.

We are The Mount Rushmores


Who You Hope To Be (EP)

Our single "The Saint" has been played on college radio.