The Move

The Move

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

For those of you in the Tulsa area that love jazzy jamband music, dont miss The Move playing at The Colony or local downtown establishments i.e. Joe Momma's, Elote, or The Doghouse at least once a month. If you like to dance to groovy tunes and enjoy improv at its finest then you'll love The Move.


The Move (aka: The Move Crew, The Move Band, The Move Trio, The Move Trio +1+1, whatever you want to call it) first started in the heat of the Oklahoma summer with a couple high school buddies, Ken Lane, Bart Taylor, and Mason Sears, making weird music in an art shack-turned-house over off Harvard; trying to beat the hottest part of the day by jamming in the morning. After that, the band went thro...ugh a slight roster change; Brent Masters, former drummer of the Agony Scene sitting in on the skins for a time before handing off the sticks to Bart & Ken's old highschool buddy Tyler Hearn. The band has since recorded an EP with producer Nick Bernson of the Moai Broadcast entitled "Shed Sets: Volume 1". The Move boys have also become regulars at The Colony in addition to playing Tulsa-roots music festivals such as Backwoods Bash, Boulder Fest, and Easter Island Music Festival. Though shows have been played, recordings have been made, and dues have been paid, the true essence of The Move crew has been having fun making music with friends. The music even comes second to the unity.


Shed Sets EP-5 tracks recorded at Cheese Factory Studios

Shed Sets Live at Easter Island Festival 2010-recorded live @ Easter Island 2010