The Movement

The Movement


Lovechilde, Jemiah and Kormelo have a new sound that is demanding attention from the industry for which they have vowed to take over. Touring now through 2005 with a 9 piece band, look out for THE MOVEMENT. In stores now and impacting urban and AC radio.



Three hot new artists have come together to record their first studio album, THE MOVEMENT, at the prestigious New Vision Studios in Asheville, North Carolina. One year after meeting each other in the studio, doing separate projects, Lovechilde, Jemiah and Kormelo started conversing about how great it would be to work together. Though sometimes it seemed as if it could never happen, due to their individual constraints and obligations, here they are performing and promoting their new release.

One of the reasons they chose to record together was because they always seemed to be on the same page in regards to stage and studio performances. Lovechilde had already formed a band he labeled the Super-band and they were blowing away those fortunate enough to hear their warm and colorful sound. Working with Jemiah and Kormelo could only enhance what was there and make it better. Now their crowd pleasing performances consistently fill dance floors and rock stages.

Lovechilde has been writing, arranging, producing and performing music for many years, working with such R&B funk-sters Cameo and the gospel group Terry Letman & Friends. He’s now one of the most in demand writers and produces in Western Carolina. Whether it’s a pop, R&B, rock, alternative or hip-hop production, he does it well. Jemiah “The Princess” is an astonishing new vocalist found singing in church by Label Owner / Producer Terry Letman. When the idea of including a female artist came up, she was the first and only name brought to the table. Classically trained in voice, piano and clarinet she sounds like an angel and effortlessly performs perfection. Kormelo has been the lead singer for several regional groups like Qwest and 2BTrue, and has opened for many acts such as Eight Ball & MJG, Ludacris, G-Dep and Juvenile. After attending The Recording Workshop in Ohio (Late 2002) he received an audio engineering certificate and established Lost Tribe Productions. Together they have created a classic. THE MOVEMENT is beyond neo-soul but a close cousin to Earth, Wind and Fire meets Mary J. Blige.

Some of the songs, like “Unstoppable,” “I’m Gone,” “Let’s Get Away” and “Everyday Everyway” depict a divers array of R&B styles. Other songs, like “Work It Out,” “Good Times” and “Let’s Get Rowdy” (a reggae influenced hit) are eclectic urban / pop bangers. “I Really Miss You” (a crossover hit) was written with mainstream radio in mind. All the songs are great on CD but are ultra incredible live. When performed along with the Super-band they are just infectious to making you move.

Throughout the next year Lovechilde, Jemiah and Kormelo will be touring and performing any and everywhere possible. They will also finish recording their solo albums during the short breaks. At some point they will try to get some rest but how can you rest and be on the move.

We hope you enjoy THE MOVEMENT and have fun at the shows

Rep: Terry Letman


Unstoppable, I’m Gone, Let’s Get Away, Everyday Everyway, Work It Out, Good Times, Let’s Get Rowdy, I Really Miss You, What You Want, In The Club, W.E., Until The End Of Time, Holla @ Ya Boy
Holla (Remix), Unstoppable (Old School Remix).

Set List

Unstoppable – The Movement
I’m Gone – The Movement
Let’s Get Away – The Movement
Everyday Everyway – The Movement
Work It Out – The Movement
Good Times – The Movement
Let’s Get Rowdy – The Movement
I Really Miss You – The Movement
What You Want – The Movement
In The Club – The Movement
W.E. – The Movement
Until The End Of Time – The Movement
Holla @ Ya Boy – The Movement
Only You – 112
Back @ One – Brian McKnight
Let’s Groove Tonight – Earth, Wind and Fire
Every Little Step – Bobby Brown
Superstitious – Stevie Wonder
Overjoyed – Stevie Wonder
I Want You Back – Jackson 5
Papa Was A Rolling Stone – Temptations
Come and Talk To Me – Jodeci
Can You Stand The Rain – New Edition
Real Love – Mary J. Blige
Video – India Airie
I Keep On Falling – Alicia Keys
So Amazing – Luther Vandrous