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"Local Rock: 4 dreams made 1"

Neither alienation or fashion. Marcos Monnerat sings in English simply because that is what comes better from him. And the legion of supporters of The Movement in Codes are grateful.

Less than four years ago Marcos decided to carry out a large outsanding: forming his own local rock band of original music in English. Until that time he was already known as the guitarrist of the popular band NADA, where his talent was complemented with his other band-mate and friend, Kurt Dyer.

However, Monnerat wanted to do something else more of his own stuff, for his good fortune, it was just a matter of time for other three local Costa Rican musicians to join him in The Movement in Codes (TMiC), a band that today is the favorite of many fans. An EP that was sold-out within weeks and concerts with good amount of audience showed that Marcos was not wrong to do rock in English in a Spanish speaking country and where there are still hard heads who believe that the "local costa rican rock" should be only in if the music was subject to rules.

Reasons. To understan TMiC you must first understan Marcos. Born in the USA of Brazilian parents, his home landed in Costa Rica in 1987 and since then Marcos was another costa rican and as of today he is the only one from his family still living in Costa Rica. His first steps in music came in the band Pride Dance, although it was years later, with NADA, who released his songs The Fear and Dirty Rainbows which became highly chanted at concerts.

Given that English is his native language and that his Spanish accent is difficult to camouflage, Marcos continued with music in a foreing language. The songs became to accumulate and a new project to alternate NADA was a new need.

Band Members. Thanks to the good reputation he mas as an recording engineer, Monnerat spend a lot of time with other local musicians in his own recording studio, The Alternative, and from them was it that the other members of The Movement in Codes came along.

The first to join was drummer Diego Rojas, who at the time played with Esimple. Both of them clicked with no problems, same thing happened when Miguel Garcia, guitarrist of Neo, joined them.

The quartet was completed by the experienced bassist from Esimple, Abidan Moraga, and that was the alignment that recorded the EP, which was quickly sold out like crazy when it came out in 2005.

For various reasons Abidan could not continue and its place was occupied by Ricardo Carvallo, band-mate of Miguel in Neo. And because Neo was on a hiatus, TMiC became the priority for all of the four members.

Currently the band is well under way which will be their second album. They released a video for their song The End(kamikaze), directed by Eduardo Monge. -

"Local band in route to Lollapalooza '08"

Group is between the first ten of 100 positions

Local Band in route to the Lollapalooza

By votes: The Movement in Codes could touch in festival of Chicago with Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead and more

The fight is hard, but it is possible to be won. The Movement in Codes (TMIC), band led by the several times prize ACAM Marcos Monnerat, could occur of you to you with artists of great reputation like Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Wilco, The Raconteurs, Gnarls Barkley, Keane West and many others more.

He is that the horsemen of Everything entered the list of 100 bands that they compete, via voting by Internet, to rise the scene of the edition number 12 of the outstanding festival Lollapalooza 2008, that will take place of the 1 to 3 of August in Grant Park, Chicago.
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The majority of the bands in the battle is of the north of America. Of Costa Rica, TMIC is the unique one that got to remove the face.

Of ninth. To arrive until the twenty first positions seemed impossible task, but according to a monitoring realised by Alive in the site of voting for Lollapalooza 2008, in a matter of three days the band tica ascended of position 45 to ninth, where it was until past Friday.

TIMC is maintained in square nine of the list with 5,980 votes; they advance the American band to it Black Box (10,817 votes and that dominates position one of the list), Zack Weber (8,961 votes), How Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces to Austin (8,286 votes), Transmission Fields (7,759 votes), Stars Down (7,637 votes), Reverie (7.519), Empra (7.466) and, also, Melody Angel (5,816 votes).

Him Pisa the heels to the band tica, Dustlot with 5,319 votes, that is underneath TIMC, in position ten.

The task for all the defenders of the rock tico is to vote the sufficient thing so that TMIC stays between the twenty first places of the list of 100 bands.

For Monnerat Marks, that also were part of the group Nothing, to have arrived at the list of 100 bands in battle already it is a joy, but to ascend quickly thanks to the support of much people who, have even made chains of electronic mails to look for votes, is something much more pleasing still.

“We are supersurprised to see as in two weeks we reached more than 5,000 votes. Very we are been thankful. Commentaries have arrived us even from people who say that it does not like the group, but that for being a band tica supports to us. That has Costa Rica: that people are united to a cause, everybody meets”, said to Alive Monnerat Marks.

Four `rounds'. The “battle” to enter Lollapalooza 2008 has the following mechanics.

The votes are received through the page of Internet

The voting by Internet is divided in four facets, or four rounds as standing calls the organization to him of the Lollapalooza in the Last contest band.

First round began the 19 of May and will finalize the 22 of June, and will inclusively be as winning of that first encounter the groups that are of position 1 to the 20. These will have right to pass to the second round.

The second round of the Last band standing will be evaluated by a panel of judges, and their conclusions will know the 30 June.

In third round the mechanics will be retaken to vote by Internet. The bands that are in the first five positions will measure forces to a concert in Chicago. It will be of there where two groups only leave that will be in the poster of the famous Lollapalooza.

TMIC gained one double victory in edition 2006 of prizes ACAM: better alternative disc and better bidet.

If TMIC manages to arrive until the Lollapalooza Costa Rica would write an important page for the local rock, since it did Sight Of Empiteness the year last when entering the Festival Bloodstock Open Air, in Catton Hall Derby, England. -


EP: The Movement in Codes - 2004
Ep: The Movement in Codes (re-released with 2 extra tracks) - 2007

Single: The End(kamikaze) - video on local music video channel and radio airplay on local radio stations.



The Movement In Codes is formed by 4 friends in Costa Rica who share a love for intense, distortion driven music. We all came together from different Costa Rican bands, starting to play together and write songs in mid 2004.

In 2008 we won the first round (most votes from online voters) of the "Last Band Standing" to play the Lollapalooza Festival en Chicago, but according to the judges we did not rock enough to make it to the seconds round :P

We were part of the bands that open for Incubus and Smashing Pumpkins at the Local FESTIVAL IMPERIAL back in April 2008.

We will release our next album mid-2010, stay tune for more info!

Booking info:
Alejandro Troz
Phone: 1-800-606-1860 ext 750