The Moxie Band

The Moxie Band


Although The Moxie Band's live show has been called "bluesy, jazzy, and rock-bottomed," studio work cannot be genre-defined, unless by the broad umbrella "Americana."


While their musical paths crossed numerous times during the 80’s, Donna Moxness and Jim Lawson officially met in a band in 1990. She was the singer, he the guitarist. After a year or so, they traded the band for a family. For the next decade, Jim, a talented multi-instrumentalist, kept a hand in the local music scene, playing drums in an alt-country band, and string bass in a Renaissance group and a contradance band. In 2003 he returned to guitar, and Donna returned to music and they put together The Moxie Band.

While the basic line-up of the band includes Mike Barrett on bass, Gus Thierry on drums, and Larry Bloomfield on harmonica, Jim and Donna bring together whatever players they need for each gig. They can pare down to a trio, with Mike switching to piano, or add horns for special occasions.

Repertoire is eclectic, including strands of blues, jazz, funk, and country. Originals are written by several songwriters, including local favorite and Cammy-winner Ed Cunningham of the Comet Bluegrass Allstars. Fans have said Donna makes them think of such varied artists as Bette Midler, k.d. lang, Carole King, Janis Joplin, and Patti Page. Jim has been likened to Eric Clapton. Larry has been called a harmonica legend by the local press, and Mike is best known for his 25 years with The Modulators. Studio players and show guests include Jimmy Nolan (trombone) and Steve Hayes (percussion) of The Modulators, Ed Cunningham on fiddle and Jimmy Bays on sax.

Influences include Dinah Washington, The Allman Brothers, Ella Fitzgerald, Zoot Sims, Tower of Power, Chick Corea, Mose Allison, Oscar Peterson, and any harmonica player who's ever recorded anything, as well as some who have not.


Acquainted With The Blues

Written By: Ed Cunningham

You showed up here one morning,
like thunder at my door,
though I hoped and prayed it wasn't true.
Then I saw your suitcase,
and that is when I knew,
I'd have to get acquainted with the blues.

Well I can't say I'm pleased to see you,
or I'd like to meet again.
You've been the kind of friend I'd like to lose.
But my baby left me
to be with her and then
I got myself acquainted with the blues.

Well hello blues,
no need to stand.
Don't tip your hat,
or try to shake my hand.
Don't get too friendly,
or take off your shoes.
I'm all too well acquainted with the blues.

You showed up uninvited,
and you crashed our happy home.
You gave my man a pair of walkin' shoes.
Now you're wearing out your welcome,
and it's time to say adieu,
I'm all too well acquainted with the blues.

Blue Skies and Sunny

Written By: Ed Cunningham

Into each life a little rain will fall,
but I have found a new love, it is true.
Lightning may strike and thunder may roll,
but it's blue skies and sunny with you.

I predict a steady warming trend,
no more scattered teardrops are in view.
Nothing but blue skies and white puffy clouds,
blue skies and sunny with you.

It may turn cold and snow, or freezin' rain,
frost may form on my window pane.
It doesn't matter, because it wil change
to blue skies and sunny with you.

The wind outside may sing a lonesome wail,
accompanied by hail and thunder, too.
It's music to me, a fine symphony,
blue skies and sunny with you.

Fool For A Day

Written By: Roger Yeardley

I've been hip, hip to all the lies,
Seen the schemes in far too many eyes.
To not get taken, you know I've tried and tried,
Now I'm feeling weary and worldly-wise.
I'm tired of being serious, I want to go out and play.
I'll be wise tomorrow, but now I'm a fool for a day.
I'll be wise tomorrow, but now I'm a fool for a day.

Put away your cares, and I'll let go my frown.
You play the tune, I'll play the clown.
I'm the queen of fools, so baby give me my crown.
Show me my throne, but I will not sit down.
Right now I've got to go, I'm going to lead the parade.
I'll be wise tomorrow, but now I'm a fool for a day.
I'll be wise tomorrow, but now I'm a fool for a day.

Let the good times roll,
Put my pride on the line,
And if I lose it, that would be fine.
My guard's down now,
Would you do the same?
All our fears will fade away.

Today please don't tell me to take care.
I'm going to roll the dice, take the dare.
Draw a line in the sand, I'll step over there.
Nobody's going to tell me what to wear.
I'll dress in purple, pink and green, instead of gray.
I'll be wise tomorrow, but now I'm a fool for a day.
Let's live in purple, pink and green, instead of gray.
I'll be wise tomorrow, but now I'm a fool for a day.

Let's live in red, purple, pink and blue, instead of gray.
I'll be wise tomorrow, but now I'm a fool for a day.


Demos of The Moxie Band and The Moxie Band Trio have gotten repeated airplay on wnku 89.7 fm, and waif 88.3 fm.

Set List

Set length and set lists depend on the gig. Covers might be jazz or blues standards, or obscure covers by the likes of Tracy Nelson, Irma Thomas, Nina Simone, Marlena Shaw, Sarah Brown, Patsy Cline, Mose Allison, Robert Cray, or "anonymous."