Them Philosophy

Them Philosophy



In 2005, pushed by its want to denounce a society loosing the sense of itself and its dignity, Ivo Di Marco gave up as a drummer and decided to dedicate his time to a personal project, playing guitar, he conceives Them Philosophy. Elisa D’andrea joins the band soon, becoming the scratching voice as well as the image that characterizes the band. The searching for the final set it’s very hard and on November of the same year, after testing some elements, Giovanni Cecoli earns the place behind the “skins”, a simple but effective drummer. The band concludes the searches with the arrival of Claudio Angelucci, a bassplayer searching new ways to play his instrument. Thanks to a repertory already almost completed from the same Ivo Di Marco, Them Philosophy begins soon their intense route in the roman underground, beginning in the best venues of Rome such as Hard Rock Cafè, Traffic, Jailbreak, Alkatraz, The Gardens of Adonis, etc... The group goes on with an actual live activity all during the 2006, until December, when Carlo Bellotti, leader of Alkemist-Fanatix Europe, give them the possibility to record their own debut album at Zeta Factory, Bologna. On May 2007, Them Philosophy begins the recording of “Thought Before Action”, produced by Leonardo Magnolfi, coming on January 2008 for the label Uk Division. At the end of the recording, because of too much divergences, the band breaks off with Giovanni Cecoli. In view of the new season pawned in the promotion of the disk, it comes immediately contacted Alessando "Lex" Ceccacci, drummer interested to a search more technician/creative of the actual tool, inspired by drummers as Jeff Porcaro, Matt "Spug" Mc Donough, Joey Jordison, Danny Carey, Tommy Lee, ecc... The new formation renews energies and it is getting ready intensely to the promotion of "Thought Before Action", although working on new pieces. After the european tour with Christian Death in May 2008, Alessandro left the band because of various thinking divergences. The new member of Them Philosophy is Michael Masci, a Techno - Punk influenced drummer. With this line-up the band is now working on new pieces.


Thought Before Action - 2008 (UK Division)